Boost Confidence

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-Hey, It Moms. If you have little girls in your house, chances are you'll have things like this as well. But where does the fun stop and the image issues begin? -Marnie and I invited a professional therapist today to talk to us a little bit about building self-esteem in our girls. So, come on, let's go meet her. [unk] -With us today is expert, Dr. Julie Rosenzweig. Dr. Julie, we have 4 girls between us from 4 months to 9 years. How important is it to shape the girls' self-esteem? And I gathered 18-year-olds. So, we've got a whole range of girls with- girl's self-esteem issues and peers issues and that's things that are really tough for girls and tough for moms. I think we really struggle with that. And you've got to shape it from the beginning. You gotta be really, I think, careful about what you're saying and what you're doing because, even though little ones kick off on that, it really kind of watch what's okay to do as a girl. -Way to get the tangles out, girls. -No way. The face is okay. -There's a lot of non-verbals that they take off on [unk] in terms of, you know, what we're eating, how often we change our clothes and just all of those, all of those things. -Yeah. -No, they won't pick up on those things. And I think we also have to be careful that as much as when they come down and they look the door and wanna say, you look so cute. You're so pretty, but that really gets them to focus on that. So, we have to go back from our little bed and get really curious about- wow! Those are cool colors you picked up. What were you thinking? What do you like about those colors? You get them to talk about the process rather than just the outcome. -How about this? -How about not? -Oh, wow. -Okay. I guess we have to let them be individuals. You go ahead and pick it out then. -One of the things that we have to prepare them for is how to respond to other kids because there's exactly that are criticizing and judging them, making fun of them and prepare them in terms of what they say about circumstances. -And what should they think? -Well, I think a good one is always- well, I can't because my mom won't let me. I can't because that's not what we get to do in my family. -Now, I have a 9-year-old and 8-year-old and they are starting to wanna wear like lip gloss. -[unk] makeup tonight? -And I know it's because they've seen me put makeup on when they're waiting to get ready. So- -Well, and I think, you know, I think you have to understand what's that part of it is because that's what mommy does or you wanna be like mommy. So, that's the good side of it. -Yeah. You know, and I think you have to be really clear in your own heart and mind and your own values about whether or not that's okay. And if it's really not okay, then, you say, you know, you're just too young to do that. You know, or you can wear it on Saturday in the house. You know, so, there's a little balance about it so that, you know, they can feel like they've got some say so. -This is more me. -I learned a lot of really great things from Dr. Julie today. Most importantly, is that self-esteem starts at home. -And focus on the process, not just the outcome. Remember, you, mommies, are their greatest role models. -And they're always watching. So, love yourself first. No pressure. -Bye, It Moms. -Bye, It Moms. -Thank you for watching Parent TV, our families, our lives.