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Hi, It Moms. When it comes to barbecuing, it usually means the guys are in the back firing up the grill and we're chasing all the kids around waiting for dinner. Why do guys get this honor? -If you've always been a little intimated by the cue, we've got some tips today to make it a little easier, giving you all the glory and your guy the day off. This is Dave Quinn, he's a butcher at Meat Extraordinaire. He's gonna teach us a little bit about barbecuing today. -First, you need to decide what you like. There's steaks, there's chicken, there's fish, there's pork. -Oh yeah, Dave. I'm thinking tough sirloin. -One tough sirloin? -I'll take the fillet. Roll me up a fillet, Dave. -Yeah. You're gonna give us gloves, right? Although that's not really manly, not very barbecue-ous. -All right. So one tough sirloin, one tenderloin fillet. Let's go ahead and prep these for the barbecue. What I use is a combination that I premixed up, and it's three parts salt to one part pepper. -I think I can do that. Three to one, salt pepper. Got it. Check. -Tongs are your number one tool. -Alleluia. -Tongs. -Grab the tongs, ladies. Okay. -Got it. Got it. -Always [unk]. -Check. Good. -Number two-- -Uh huh. -is a way to take its temperature. -Right. -You're never cooking by time. You're cooking by temperature. Let's go outside. -We're taking it all. -I got the tongs. -We're taking your job, boys. -Ow, it's toasty. -Start with the hot grill. All right. So you get those in-- on the grill. -Sear it. -Here's a good tipping tip for the grill. -Take a hit. -Take it on. Go have a cocktail, and then turn it. -We can do that. Let's go away. -Away. -Sorry. My lunch time, I have milk. -Who has the tongs? -Oh, I do. -All right. -Go, Holly. Go, Holly. -Let's-- -Oh hot. -There you go. -Oh. -Oh. Look at the grill marks. -That was like a fancy restaurant steak. -Exactly. -How hot do you start this out there? -500 degrees. -500 degrees, sear it, leave it alone. -Right. -That's what the expert says. -All right, Dave. We really wanna know what's the secret. Why do men love grilling so much? -It's because they don't want to watch the kids. -Oh, it's the-- It's much more primal than that. -Really? Why? Why? Why? -Hunter, gatherer. -Hunter, gatherer. -Hunter, gatherer. -And then charge. -And are you sure it's not just to get out of doing other stuff [unk]? All right. Now, that's the real truth. -I have to say honestly, I get a little jealous when everyone's like, "Ooh, Keith--" -Oh yeah. -Oh Keith, this is so good. -Yeah. -And I'm like-- -What do you like, Marnie? -I made this-- -The salad. -[unk] stuffed potatoes. -Grill that. -Looking good, isn't it? -Do you want a piece of this? -Now, that-- -Do you smell it? -Fold it out gently. -Uh huh. -I shall insert the temperature thingy. -Uh huh. -I checked the temperature and it was the appropriate temperature. -Good job. You should [unk]. -[unk] one side. -What's the key to cooking the corn and the asparagus or vegetables? -You really wanna make sure they're well seasoned. -We're going to eat well today. -All right. We have one tenderloin dinner. -Yum. -One tough sirloin dinner. -Holly, what did you learn today? -Okay. I learned that you're supposed to sear it. Don't poke it a lot so you can seal the juices in. Walk away for a while. -Right. I learned that you're supposed to toss the clock. It's all about temperature; 115 rare, 160 well done. -Right. -And I love asparagus on a skewer. -I know. I love that too. We learned a lot today so look out, Dad. -You're watching the kids this summer. -Happy grilling, It Moms. -Bye, It Moms. -Bye. -Thank you for watching Parents TV. Our families. Our lives.