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Get expert tips on what your baby really needs--and which products you can skip.

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-Hi, everyone I'm Joey O'Clare and you're watching Parents TV. Any mom will tell you having your first baby means you're going to need a lot of stuff everything from a new crib to bottles, clothes, and lots and lots of diapers. But, when it's time to register for all of the essentials Parents TV, Kara Sundlun, has one great tip to bring someone with experience. -All right, so, I'm so excited. -I know. -The shower is now just a couple of months away everyone, so I have one tip that I've learned. I don't a lot as a first time mom, but I've learned you never register alone. -Never. -I brought my good friend, Dana, who has Jack, 17 month old. -So, okay this is what we're going to do. You'll do the set up, but you're not registering for anything until I tell if you need it or not. -I can't [unk] unless you tell me. -No, you can point it but we're not clicking 'till we're really sure. -Okay. Let's go get started. -Okay. -Hello, welcome to Babies R Us. -Thank you. -How can I help you today? -We fill up the forms and we're off and shooting. The store gives us a suggested registry list, but wow is it long. -Okay, this is pretty overwhelming. Do we really need all of these stuff? -You don't. -No. -It really, really good starting point and what I found is we're going to focus on the stuff you actually need the second you guys leave the hospital, as long as the baby has you and dad, and some onesies, and some diapers. It's pretty good for several weeks. So, we don't need to go crazy getting every little thing. We need to get what's really important. -[unk] gets a different price points to please your rich aunt Betty and your struggling cousin in college. -We'll get stuff that's $5 and we'll get stuff that's $200, because people may want to go out on a joint gift and get you one big item or someone may want to make you a basket full of pacifiers and nipples, and bottles. So, we will get the whole rate-- -Speaking of pacifiers and nipples, and bottles. -Yes. -What are these? -Okay. This is the whole bottle section and the nipples, and you can get bottles that have bags on them which you'll have to take in and out. You're going to breastfeed, though right? -I'm going to try and breastfeed, yes. -Okay. As soon as you're giving it what I called the old college try, you don't have to focus in this is much as you do the breast pumps in the breastfeeding except I would say we can come back here later and maybe get one package of bottles that come with nipples that way if you run into trouble I have to run out, you've got the backup. -So, even if I'm going to breastfeed just get one of this just in case. -Yes, yes. Always, always, always, because eventually you're going to pump and dad can feed baby if moms going to go out quick have an afternoon on her own or whatever. So, what we'll-- -Helping sounds so much fun. -Yes, let's find the park. -Let's find the park. -Where are they? -All right, so, these are the breast pumps. This is what I will get. Why are some of these $50 and other ones are like $350? -Okay, that's really easy and really confusing, but most importantly you need to figure out what's going to work for you and here I'll show you. Okay, so this is a manual pump which means in order to get that all important breast knockout you're going to have to use your hand and pump it yourself, but wait come I'll show you something much better. -Okay. -For your lifestyle with your job and how you are, this is something that's far a lot better. These are electric. So, they literally plug into the wall and it can get the milk out. -It pumps for you-- -It pumps for you my friend. It really does, but I'll tell you the difference. I have an electric pump and I'm a working mom and I was able to pump at work and get all the milk I needed out, and under 15 minutes where if I did it by hand would be almost an hour. Done. -There we go my first item. Although, I feel like that's the one thing of the registry [unk] the breast pump. -Nobody wants to be the girl that [unk] the breast. -But, you mean it right? -If I one of the most important thing to a guy, yes. -I know that I can't leave the hospital without a car seat, so I guess anyone of this, honestly looks so big. -You need this, but first my friend you need this. -This one? -This is for the little itty bitty baby-- -Oh, these are the ones I always see with a cute little covers. -These are infant car seats. There super important because the big ones babies can't set up. -Okay. -And, I'll tell you something my baby live in this for months. -This is the thing you carried around. -Yes. It's like a picnic basket. I wonder if we can take it down I'll hand it to you. -Oh, yes. -Look. Go ahead. -Okay. -That's all you're going to have to do and it clicks into the car and takes out and you can go everywhere with the baby. Oh, the cool thing with these infant carriers is this. This is really all you're ever going to need. So, for grandmas car and for dad's car, this come with the space you just have to register for two extra bases. -Okay, everyone who's going to be carting baby around [unk]. -So, when dad puts the baby on the car they put this in and done and that's it. -So, the stroller is not important because this is what you're going to push every day, but this is overwhelming as 80 million times and I don't even know where to start. -All right, well, [unk] think about you and that's really [unk] the most important thing for you guys when you pick your stroller system. Where do you live? Do you have stairs, do you have a lot of stairs? -I live in the city. I have a stairs. I have to walk up especially won't be able to go on sidewalks and curves down [unk]. -And you guys love he beach, so we probably need to think about something that can go on the sand. And I think in general, they probably all can do it but there are definitely some that can do better. This is a really good option. This is what I have. [unk] the best seller and what it is as they call it travel system, you get this which is the stroller which is really important, and you've got cup holders that's great if you're out for walking you can put your all important coffee in, but it also comes with this like we talked about the car seat. You can take this baby car seat that comes out and it snaps in here. [unk] that you can zoom around everywhere and not have to worry about taking them in and out like our moms used have to do, moving the baby, worrying about the head. The baby is going to stay in there. The only thing-- -So, all must color coordinated you just lift the baby up. -Yes. Because, you're going to use it so much in the city as you really should push him and see as the hike good, because I take a lot of hike so a lot of them if you lock they go down. So, if you want maybe a little bit better for you. -This one has when I look at this [unk] nice food storage bin. -Yes, because you need your purse in the diaper bag is here to place that thing. There's no way downsize that baby. -You definitely when I take it for a stroll.-- -The only thing. Yes. And if it feels good you want it light because you are not steady. Turns good. -This is really lightweight which is important I could get it up the stairs. -Right. -But, what about some of this because I've also heard if you are going to be maybe exercising or walking right outside a lot, then don't you want the bigger tires or? -I think that the experts will say everything will do well. I found through experience bigger tires are better and especially since you guys are beach lovers, I think these are really good option. There are two things you have to figure out, can it be adapted to take your infant carrier and most of them can, but you really do need to ask because otherwise you're going to have a stroller and an infant seat that can't talk to each other and then you're going to buy a whole other stroller just to get the baby around. -Some of my [unk] serious hardcore jogging. -Yes. I would know anything about that. Let's be honest are you really going to jog. Do you need to pay the extra money for it? [unk] if you just want to walk with the baby anything will do? -Yes. -Okay. -You will really enjoy this. It gives you two for hands which is huge. -And dad can wear this. -Yes. Exactly. -So, if you're going crazy, dad can take baby out. -Yes. -And even for you, if babies really, you know, they're going to--. -Oh, look there's a mom with one, right there. -Looks great. -See, two free hands. -And this gives you more hands free time. [unk]. -I don't know how anyone have babies without them. Even my mom said to me, What I am doing [unk]. They're kind of like the old fashion swing, but right from the first day you can put baby in here, and I, you know, sometimes, okay look at that. -[unk]. -Yes. That replicates something that they really like for like nine-and-a-half months. -Before you buy a crib try it out. -See this is low. This comes up, grab that, because you're going to envision yourself holding a baby in this hand, trying to move that up and down to get the baby in the crib. -So, then make sure, you know, [unk]. -There you go. -In addition to the crib I may need some place to change the diapers. -Which you'll do quite frequently. Do you have a changing table? -No, I have a dresser. -Right. -So, I was thinking I could just go with one of those little changing tables or do you think I want something that has more drawers? -Drawers, drawers are the way to go. You will not believe how much stuff you're going to put in drawers. You won't even use the closet. The close is too small to hang out the hangers. So, you'll fold everything up nice and neat and put them in here. Plus think logistics, baby here, you have one hand on the baby. You can't run to go get something just open your drawer quick pajamas, socks, extra diapers all right in the fingertips. -So, this is the fun part what about clothes [unk] clothes. Like what about this. -It's cute the only thing I'll say is that people loves to buy baby clothes. You're going to get really, really cute outfits [unk] and this and that, and one piece outfit and as soon as they know what it is you'll get [unk] with clothes. I think what you need to focus on, is why do you taking that baby home from the hospital and what are they wearing the first full month. -I don't know. -Go that way. -Okay. -Okay. Have you heard of the word onesies? -I have heard in the hallway. -Okay. Now, these are the onesies. This is what the baby lives in. I don't care what I was going to tell you it's all about the onesies and socks for the first full month. You probably could take 10 packs of two, because you're going to be tired, too. You actually need a little hat. They'll give you one at the hospital, but it can't hurt your register for something just like this. Because, just like adults they lose all their heat from their head and they're even smaller than we are. -This could be-- -Sure. -[unk] -Oh, yes definitely. -0kay, I'm so excited I feel I got everything I needed. I also feel like I need a nap now. -Yes, you must be tired. That was a lot of walking. The good thing is you know what you have in everything you need. You can supply yourself, but I'll tell you I know what I'm going get you. -All right, Kara, thanks in another quick tip. If you're going to find out the sex of you baby it's a good idea to know before you register and that will make picking some items a whole lot easier. Thanks for watching Parents TV. Your source for the best information for you growing family. Thank you for watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives.