Jogging Strollers

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-So, it's always been a gold mine to run a marathon and after having my daughter, Joslin, I thought, why not now? I've got a few more months to go to cheering for the Chicago marathon and it'll be a lot easier and a lot more fun if I could jog with her. So, it's time now to shop for a jogging stroller. Momma, would you mind taking care for her a little bit while I go inside? -Absolutely. -Okay, will do it. -Okay. -Bye, cutie. -Hey, Sean. -Hey, Ereka. -Good to see you again. -Nice to see you. So, I'm always here at Fleet Feet looking for a running gear. And today, I have a special request; I need to find myself a jogging stroller. -Oh, we got lots of good options. Let me show you a few things. -Good. Wonderful. Wow. Look what we have here. -Yes. Are you training for a marathon? What kind of runner are you -- 5K, 10K, beginner? -I'm going all the way, 26-miles. -Oh, great. Well, let me show you a couple features of the strollers. -Okay. This is important. Now, I heard a lot about wheels being a big factor. -That's probably one of the biggest difference is, between the strollers if you're looking at a-- typically, you either have a fixed-wheel or you'll have a wheel that could be fixed or spin. -Okay, so let's start with this one. Is this a fixed wheel? -This is a fixed-wheel. So, whenever you're running with this stroller, you definitely want to have the wheel fixed. -Okay. -It's a good safety feature to have the wheel fixed as you run, if not, you'll be all over the places your running. -Okay, other things about wheel, I've read a lot about wheel sizes. -Correct. Typically, what you'll find is either a 12-inch wheel or 16-inch wheel. Generally, the bigger the wheel, the easier it is to push, then the smoother the stroller will actually will. -Now, are they talking about this wheel or they're talking about the wheel back here. -All three actually. -All three of them. All right. So now, these are your three models-- I'm assuming these are for twins. -Correct. That's the Duallie. -Or multiple children. -Or multiple children, they don't have to be twins exactly. -And the big jump from this guy, to this guy is the-- -Is the difference in the front wheel. -Is this your most popular model? -That is our most popular model, generally, because of the versatility of it. -Okay, and what else am I missing? What do I need to know because I'm thinking, as much as I'd like to be get strictly for running; this looks like this is my guy. -Yes. There's couple of other things we haven't talked about. Has a great canopy, which gives the child good coverage, sunny, windy days -- that sort of thing. There's a big keepable window, there's a lot of good safety features in. This brand in particular, BOB, is very well-known for their safety features. First and foremost is a 5-point restraint-system for the child. -Okay. -So that's it and it keeps them in place. Another very important safety feature is the safety-straps that you would put around your wrist-- -Oh, show me this. --as you run. So, what you basically do is just put that around your wrist and then as you're running, in case you would slip or trip, the whole unit won't get away from you. -Okay, so this is important. There is no actual brake on here other than this? How's that worked? -This particular model does have a hand brake. -Oh it does. -And the reason it's able to have a hand brake is because the front wheel is stationary, it cannot be swivel. There's no way to put a hand brake on that wheel because it has the capacity to swivel. -What are the price ranges? -This particular model with the stationary front wheel retails for about $300, whereas the one with front wheel that can be locked or swivel is $390. -Now, it should be noted that this, it's more expensive because this could be really be your one and only stroller. -Certainly, it's much more versatile because you can have that flexibility to use this as your everyday or as your running stroller. -I've got a lot to choose from. I'm thinking I'm gonna go with the Revolution. -Sure. -You know what, can you show me how to fold this over and letting me-- -Oh yes. It's really simple. -Okay, let's see. -So just grab the two red handles. -Got it. -Pull those up. -Pull them up. -Yup and just push that forward. -Okay. -You got it. Just this little red handle right there. -Do I have to release this? -No, that's fine. -I'm done. Okay. -Just grab that. -Pull it up. -Give a good yank. -That is easy and light. I loved it. You know what, let's take this outside and see if Joslin likes it. -Sure, I'll show you a couple of running techniques with it. -I would love that. I'm gonna carry just like this. All right. So, we're here at the waterfront and before I take off, I wanna hear about some the techniques that I don't get hurt and she doesn't get hurt. -Certainly. Just like every day running without a stroller, you wanna keep your back straight, your shoulders back, you wanna keep your head up, you wanna have your hands one the bar about shoulder length. -Now, is this gonna prevent back injury? Is that what I'm doing? -Exactly. You don't wanna be hunched over, it'll cause some back issues. So, as you're running, you'll keep your back straight, keep your head forward and always be looking about 10 or 15-feet in front of you, that way you won't run into. -That would be nice. That would be very nice. -And of course, lastly, what you always want to do is use the safety-strap. -Okay. -This goes right around your wrist. -Okay, put it right-- doesn't matter-- what hand does it matter? -No, whatever you're comfortable with, that way in case you, God forbid, would slip or trip, the shoulder will not-- -She is protected. -Exactly. -You're the most important thing, little one. All right. Well, I think I'm ready, Sean. -Good luck. -I wanna give it a whirl. Are you ready? I'm ready. Here we go. Head up, shoulders out. How do I look? -Look great. -I feel good and if-- I've never run with a jogging stroller before. It feels very comfortable and most important, she feel safe. -You're a natural out there. You look comfortable running. You followed all the tips well and you got a future runner here, Joslin, looks like she had a ball. -Well, I think we're gonna take off. Thank you so much. -You're welcome. -Appreciate it. -Good luck. -Here we out. -Good luck. -For all you, joggers out there, this is an excellent way to walk some extra mile and to spend some extra time with your little one. You ready for a few more jogs? All right. We're off. We're off.