Keep your family's memories safe in a scrapbook. Parents TV's Brooke Carlson shows how much fun scrapbooking can be.

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-You're watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives. -Hey everybody, I'm at Craft Warehouse and I'm gonna start my own scrapbook. So I think I need some paper to get started. Use some of this, ooh some of this. Album refills? Do I need one of those? Stickers, wooh. Maybe some of these? What's that stuff over there? Oh my gosh, this is just a little overwhelming. I'm getting dizzy. I think I need some help. -Hey Brooke. -Oh, hi. -I'm here to help. -You are? -Yeah. -Okay, good, 'cause I don't think I know what I'm doing here. -Yeah, you don't wanna stack goin' on there. So why don't you come this way and we'll find some basic things that you need to start yourself with. -Okay. -Okay let's do that. Okay Tara, is any of these stuff gonna work? -You're close. -Close? -You got a good stuff here but I think maybe we should start from scratch. It will be a little easier. -All right, so let's get rid of all these. -Okay. So the first things that you definitely need is a cutter, and I would recommend something like this one. It's worth the little bit of extra expense with this because you just pull it out to a full 12" x 12". -Yeah, this one's pretty nice. -Yeah. -New high tech look. -Yeah. It has a self-sharpening blade so you'd never have to worry about it going dull, and it's just something that lasts a long time. If it's the only thing that you buy for scrapbooking it's worth it. And the next thing is you want to do something like these with your mat stacks, and it makes it really easy to mat your photos which kind of gives it that finished look. These ones are nice because they're self-adhesive on the back. All you have to do is peel off the backing and it will stick itself down. -Perfect. -The 8" x 8" is great because you can use a single photo and then maybe a few embellishments to finish the look of the page. -Uh hmm. -And the other thing you'll need is adhesive, and I picked this out. There's lots of different types of adhesive out there. You can pick what you want to go with. This one is just a tape runner. It's really really easy to use. Just roll it out and it just stays down. -Oh look at that. -Just roll the tape and you don't have to tape every single corner. It will stick. -So no Elmer's glue then? -No, it will mess and usually you'll wait for it to dry-- -We'll leave those on the first day of class-- -Yeah. When you have time to shop, we've got lots of selection of ribbons for something that matches your picture and your paper. We have flowers, which are really popular right now. You either glue those down or you could use a brass to adhere them in the centers. -Okay. -There's also stickers. There's so many different stickers out there just- yeah, have a lot of time to be able to look through there and find something that works well with your page. -I think I'm gonna try and put together my own page too. -Okay, sounds good-- -See how it is. -Yeah. -Oh my gosh it sticks. And I didn't rip it, came off to a good start. You just did a couple of simple touches with a sticker and a flower here. You don't wannna over- -Yeah-- -imbalance your page. -Yeah, I think usually just your picture matted on some paper with a title - which I didn't do actually - and then the embellishment. Some simple embellishments. That's all I really need, so. -Are you ready to see mine? -I am, I'm excited. -Okay. You guys ready? Here it is. -I love it. It's great. -Thanks for watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives. Your new video source for parenting.