Sneaky Chef

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Imagine getting your kids to eat Collie flower zucchini yams and -- without a fight it can happen because all of those veggies. I mean these brownies and if snacking cheese and -- he -- the Chinese keeping the recipes in her new book the sneaky chef. And your -- lettuce stuck by your -- happy happy -- thank you so much now this was all born when you are trying to get to -- doctor. The medicine you want to sneak in how to act. Happen my oldest daughter Pamela is like phobic about medicine. Chance -- go in and had to get -- -- -- island Hinckley went into her and I finally knocked it into the chocolate pudding and a hot with leaky ship was more in line that's an easy and you say in your book you can actually eat. Hamburgers and Fries cookies and milk and could be well balanced meal and that's just amazing to me all the -- favorite things many of them are right here quickly tell us what these aren't within and -- too good for you okay the way appearing sneaky -- -- -- -- -- plant and McCain takes ten minutes to make couldn't be easier okay aren't your day had hands and carrots. -- -- -- had. Blueberries and -- baby spinach and you add these and other cure raised and she uses -- flour blend into you recipes and essentially it's taking all these great foods and nutrients into the educate exactly they're replacing a lot of that. A lot of the fat sugar and in the kids' favorite it's okay to show me what we've got here today and start -- -- Mac and cheese looks like. Regular Mac and cheese normal Mac and -- right actually this is right in the box okay what I'm going to ditto if into the cheese sauce. I'm going to it's about a quarter of a cup of sneaky chef aren't -- I remembered at the -- -- okay. Okay and you know what. Let's also -- Collie flower and think he cannot see why no added up and away with it you mix it right and and you gotta mix it -- until it there are no telltale -- that any anti camping out and out right and then you can add the -- that back and look -- what's the secret he. Okay and the secret here is and tomato -- I -- -- my kids' favorite chart to me that's not yet. And he couldn't be easier -- dark and mixing your carry. Tomato sauce is the ultimate hiding place. For sneaky chef carries with just -- -- little cheese with you already have some neat with all the BS me he ingredients -- there last. The ends look fantastic you telling me it this spinach and -- we'll break it really an absolutely what you do is basically a brain. Apparently my upbringing make you smarter health and and I have to look for anything. So that purple hearing in -- simple two minute hearing obviously spend a pain and frozen while there. And that's to that you. And let people for them to list. With -- ever imagined -- and it instability there. They're expensive chocolate chips and I don't take a bit of spinach. Or blueberries. Girls. Delicious can't taste the veggies. Missy chase the kind of look if this sneaky chef thank you for letting -- stop fighting kicking in giving us he's fantastic tips and it kind of account initiative. Thank you for watching parents TV on our families our lives.