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Ready for Kindergarten

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-What are we gonna learn in kindergarten? -Colors and shapes. -Very good. Big eye little eye. Igloo, igloo. -Igloo. -Kindergarten is a lot different now than when we were kids. I remember doing a lot of more playing than anything else. But my daughter is in kindergarten now and she's learning a whole lot. So it's important that we prepare our kids to start kindergarten and first grade and these books are tremendous. Let's Get Ready for Kindergarten and Let's Get Ready for First Grade. The author, Stacey Kannenberg is here at Kid's Korner Preschool right now in New York City and she's talking to some of the kids about the book. Let's listen in. -How am I gonna get-- -[unk]. -How about the next one? Big as little as sun. -Why is it so important to start preparing your kids? No one ever did that for me when I was a kid. -You know what, kindergarten's changed. It's not just tying your shoes, knowing your name, address and phone number. It's so much more than that. They're counting to 100, they're learning coins, shapes, colors. -When you get to kindergarten next year, they're gonna ask you to be able to count to 30, and then they're gonna ask to see if we can mix them up. So the next page, we mix all the numbers up for you and they'll ask you the first top lines. We're gonna try that today. You think we can do it? -Yeah. -Okay. Peirce should be reading with you kids and she'll be sitting down and talking about the basic shapes and colors. And she'll be talking to them about counting objects to ten, and how far they can count to 100. -Sophie, do you like to count? -Yeah, I do. -You do. You think you can count on this page? -Yeah. -Okay, let's try here. How many computers? -One. -How many backpacks? -Two. -You're really good. How many notebooks? -Three. -Wow, she's ready for kindergarten already. A-B-- -It's almost like first grades has become kindergarten. -Actually, third grade has become kindergarten. -Wow. -Yeah. Kids are learning to read in kindergarten. When I was in school, kids were learning to read in second or third grade. -K-L-M-- -There's one really simple thing that you can do to be involved in your kids education, when they come home from school, you can stop, drop and listen. Find out how their day was. Go to the back pack and the folder. See what they're learning, help them with their homework. And make sure that you read to your kids and you're doing repetitive games and have a really good routine. -I'm 5. -I'm gonna check. Okay, one, two, three, four-- how did you know that? You're really smart. -[unk], I'm checking the numbers. -These kids are ready for kindergarten. And if you wanna help get your kids ready too, you have to get these amazing books, for kindergarten, for first grade. You can get them at almost every bookstore or check out For Parents TV, I'm Julie O'Claire. -Thank you for watching Parents TV, Our Families, Our Lives.