Strengthening Exercise

Core Strengthening Exercise

Fitness expert Erin Shirey shows how to do a core strengthening exercise with your baby - a perfect way for "new moms" to start getting back in shape!

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-You're watching Parents TV. Our families. Our lives. -Hi, I'm Erin Shirey from Nike World Headquarters. I'm coming in to help you with some mom and baby fitness tips. So I've got Geordie here with Gemma, and we're gonna show you how to do a plank with your little one. A plank helps you strengthen out your core, 'cause as a new mom you tend to lose your core strength while you're pregnant. So, Geordie's gonna come on over Gemma and hold this position here and she actually can drop to her forearms making it a little bit less challenging, and she can be closer to Gemma. Her spine is all in alignment, and just bring her belly bent towards her-- spine, there you go. Hold it right here, oh miss Gemma give me the smooch for your mama oh give her a big smooch, and hold it right there and we make it a little bit less challenging here. Let's see, if you're just getting started with working on your core after having your munchkin, you can drop to your knees. So drop to your knees and you wanna hold this plank position if you can for up to 15 seconds. Once you reach 15 seconds, go to 20 seconds, 30, 40, find that magic number and work all the way up to a minute. Good job ladies, good job. So from here we're gonna go work on your balance. A way to work on your balance is doing the opposite arm opposite leg exercise. This also helps you strengthen your ab and your-- your abs and your back. So miss Geordie is gonna hop on up to all fours here and cuddle on over miss Gemma - a wiggle worm herself. So as Geordie is opposite arm opposite leg she's working on her balance and she's gonna come on and then tickle Gemma along the way. Tickle, tickle, tickle, and reach up, and she's gonna come on in again and tickle Gemma along the way. What Geordie is doing, she's keeping her hips squared off towards the mat, she's giving the mom and baby interaction that miss Gemma needs, as well as strengthening up her abs and her back. She's going to switch sides here and then switch with her left arm and her right leg extended all the while keeping her hips squared towards the floor-- good job. Flexing and extending, flexing and extending, good job Geordie. Now, from this position we're going to go to an airplane. An airplane is one of the best exercises that you can do to interact with your little one as well as strengthen up your abs. So Geordie is going to lay on her back, Gemma is gonna become an airplane on Geordie's legs, and she's going to do what used to be, say, a reverse crunch, is now known as the airplane with the munchkin. So Geordie is gonna keep her legs at 90 degree angle, bring Gemma in for a flight, and retreat her back out again with her legs and bring her in for a flight. Good job Gemma, is that fun? And right back out, and come on in and take it a little bit more challenging. Now Geordie is raising her head. Extend back, raise your head again and give her a big smooch if you can. It's a little bit more challenging. Work that out one more time. And all the while she's strengthening up her abs. When doing this exercise you wanna make sure that your belly bent is towards your spine and you're not arching your back. This is Erin Shirey from Nike World Headquarters. Thanks for watching. -Thanks for watching Parents TV. Our families. Our lives. Your new video source for parenting.