Glory Days

Even the busiest moms and dads need some time for themselves! Holly Resnick and Parents TV's Andy Carson show how to relive your glory days by reconnecting with sports and hobbies you loved before you had kids!

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-You're watching Parents TV, our families, our lives. -Hey, IT moms. When were your glory days? Was it high school? Was it back in college? Remember when you filled your schedule with all sorts of sports and activities, things you loved? For me that was volleyball but I never make time as a mommy so tonight I'm dropping in on an open gym volleyball night. I'm a little terrified in here. Okay. So going through these things can be terrifying if you go alone. So number 1 suggestion, bring your friend. I invited my friend, Andy. Hey, Andy. -We've got 10 minutes. I don't sweat and you don't mess my hair up. -Okay. Yes, Mr. Carson, I'll wait for you. These guys look pretty good. -Yes. I think I shouldn't be here. I don't know. -Hey. Can we play? -Are you any good? -This is Cheryl. She's a fellow soccer mom. She's known. She comes every Friday nights to play volleyball and she's totally inspired me. And bring a sense of humor. -All right. -And be patient with yourself and others. -Others? -There's a warning for him. Really important to warm up first. See this is called pepper. I used to love playing pepper. And you're supposed to dig that up. -The game's going. -Yes. And we're on the bench. -I think about high school now. -Yes. I'm feeling it. -Feeling high. -I know. Should I go now? -Let's do it, Red. -Please, God. Let me get it in. This could really be embarrassing. Oh. -And she gets it over. I don't really think of it as riding the bench. I think of it as courtside seats. High-dollar seats right here. -Oh. I was the most inspirational on the team. Oh. Cheryl. You see that. That was a mom. That's right. -Holly. You're right. This volleyball is good times. -Feel a little lost right now but it is fun in a humiliating, scary, sweaty way. Hi. I got it. Did you see that? I hit it. And it actually went down and up and over. Nice serve, dude. You rock. You rock. You go. I totally messed with his mojo. Only a matter of being in the right place at the right time and I don't remember any of that so I'm just moving my feet a lot. What's up? You know I'm not a fan of exercise really. -Yes. -I don't like treadmills, StairMasters. This is fun. Team sports are kind of disguising exercise as good clean fun. Right, Andy? Oh, we won. All right, IT moms. Remember the things you loved as a girl and make time for them now because these are your glory days. Carson, come on. -Come on. I'm really thirsty. It's just, I might become more thirsty. I got help. -Thanks for watching Parents TV, our families, our lives. Your new video source for parenting.