After Baby

Healing After Baby

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-Now that your baby is finally here, you never wanna leave her side. -The first 4 days I didn't shower. The first 4 days I was home I wore the same thing. I didn't shower because I just wanted to like be with her and take care of her and bond with her and my husband. -But pregnancy and childbirth take a toll and your body needs to heal. -In terms of just their physical healing, you know if they've had a vaginal delivery often times their bottom is really sore and slow and they're stitches, not to mention the pain from the uterus contracting when they're nursing just as the uterus shrinks; often times that can cause some pain as well, and then the breast engorgement that goes along with it. So it's kind of like all these things are happening all at once. It's really hard and then kind of like the icing on the cake is the emotional rollercoaster that begins. -Make sure to stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water and get plenty of fiber to combat postpartum constipation and hemorrhoids. -Constipation can happen often when a mom is nursing because all of the water that they're taking in is being used to make milk, so it's important that a woman drinks a lot of water, sometimes stool softeners can be taken. -OB-GYN Dr. Suzanne LaJoie recommends Motrin or ibuprofen to manage aches and pains after a vaginal birth. -And then some even just topical analgesics for the bottom is fine or Sitz baths. If there's a lot of swelling or pain, sometimes a Sitz bath can do some good. It's actually when you sit in a very shallow tub with warm water and that can actually be very soothing. -Healing after a C-section can be a little tougher. -C-section is kind of like another, a whole different ball game because it's an abdominal surgery and it is surgery, you know. It's a pretty big surgery. The abdominal muscles, there's just a lot of pain that's involved afterwards and it's important that women go home with some good pain medication. Motrin is fine, but often times they need something else to be taken as well. -Lisa Leclezio gave birth to daughter Eva via emergency C-section just 8 days ago. -I had a cesarean and that was very, very painful. You didn't really feel much when you're in recovery, but then in the ensuing hours and the first night and the first day and then the second day, unable to walk, sort of a searing burning feeling, unable to get in and out of bed which is a little frustrating because you wanna be able to play with your baby and you wanna be able to take her out of the little bassinet next to your bed. -It's not easy to rest with a new baby but Lisa's trying to take good care of herself. -Taking showers has really helped. It was great in the hospital because they had the bench in the shower and then here at home we actually took one of our chairs out on the terrace and we put it in the shower. And it's nice. I take nice long showers, maybe like half hour long showers and I don't rush myself. That's kind of my time to myself and what else. Just drinking a lot of tea, eating healthily, watching a lot of movies is very soothing, lighting candles. You know all the things that you could do to sort of make your environment a little peaceful. -And having a little help makes a big difference. -I think it's common for women to overdo it when they get home. You know I think women feel like they wanna kind of do it all and you really can't like you need at least a good 2 weeks just to heal and just to nurse the baby and sleep and eat and let other people kind of take care of those things for a while. -Lisa's husband, Richard, took 3 weeks off work to spend with her and the baby. -Because she had a cesarean, she couldn't be around a lot so I had to do a lot of the activity like going to shops, that sort of thing. I'll clean the bottles, a lot of cleaning up the dampened cloths, the birth cloths. I did actually the very first changing of the diaper at home on my own and it was a number 2 so a bit messy, but other than that helping her makes helping to get from the bed to toilet because she really couldn't walk at all, yes. So it's pretty intense. -I wouldn't be able to, you know, feel as good as I do right now if you weren't here to help me. -And Lisa has improved a lot over the last 8 days. -I'm feeling pretty good compared to how I felt just 5 days ago. It's amazing how you go from feeling really bad or I went from feeling really bad to I would say on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being great, I'm probably back to like a 5. So I think that's pretty good. -And I can't help but wonder if my pterodactyl loves me too.