Pasta Crafts

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-You need some fun craft ideas that will entertain your kids? Well, Parents Magazine lifestyle editor, Amanda Kinglofft, is back with some great ways to keep your kids using her noodle. -I like that phrase. -Yes. Use your noodle. What do we need in order to make these projects? -Okay. The first thing you need, obviously, is some pasta and pasta comes in such fun shapes. You have your bow ties; your penne is always great 'cause it strings very well on to a ribbon and things; -Uh huh. -Tempera paint which is safe for kids to use; regular white craft glue which is also safe; paintbrushes, of course. -Uh huh. -And a couple of the projects require spray paint and a glue gun which are obviously for an adult only. -Right. -And always, you wanna spray paint outside so that-- -Proper ventilation, right? -Exactly. -Yeah. One of the things that you made was a little tiara. -Yeah. -I can't believe that that was made with noodles. Yeah. -So cute. So basically, all it is is just a plain headband-- -Uh huh. -and these are pasta that can be painted with a Tempera paint by the kids or mom can go outside and spray paint them. These are hot glued on because they really need a strong, quick-setting glue. -Okay. -So that's how we did that one. -[unk] a lot of great reinforcement-- -Right. -on using that. -Right. -Okay. Now, we-- girls gotta have a necklace. -I mean, you know, this is such a retro craft and we've it a million times-- the macaroni necklace and everything. But this is a little kind of updated. The colors are, you know, a little more subdued and it's really fun to layer them and make a little pendant at the bottom. -Wow. That's amazing. -Will look at-- -I still can't believe that that's made using noodles. -I know. -I'm not creative, you can tell. -Very stylish. Moms won't be embarrassed to wear this to work anymore. -No. Now, if you have some leftover pasta bits, you can use them to make something like this. This is a train-- -This is my favorite. It's a train. It is made from lasagna. It's made from Rigatoni's. It's made from Wagon Wheels. And the sweet little trees. I mean, so much fun. And again, this is probably something that like you might wanna do to give-- to thrill your kids a little bit-- -Uh huh. -'cause this is all done with hot glue but it's super fun and you can have them help you pick them out and build it and then you just kind of-- -Yeah. -glue it together. -And you've got some extra ones here that have been painted different colors. -Right. -You dropped inside there too. -Right. -All right. Oversized plaques and cars-- -Uh huh. -things like that, kids can also do with pasta? -Right. This is just a piece of stiff cardboard-- -Uh huh. -and kids just painted the pasta different colors. You know, if it's dad's birthday, you can make him a card. They could put their name on it. It can hang on their door. It's just a really fun-- perfect for rainy day, perfect for anytime of the year. -Oh yeah. Absolutely. And now, we've gotta keep going with the accessories. -Yes. -These are hair clips that honestly, if you hadn't told me, I would not have known-- -That they were pasta. -that they were made with pasta. -Yeah. They're-- Again, they're just simple, painted fun shapes with some little rhinestone embellished ones that look really adorable in kids' hair. -Oh, right. And desk accessories, of course. A pencil holder? -Right. It's back-to-school time-- -Yeah. -so kids need things to keep their pens and pencils in. And all that is-- and I have one started right there. It's just a milk carton or juice carton and you just do a collage of pasta all around it and just paint it-- you can paint it in one solid color like we did or-- -Uh huh. -you can, you know, make it really fun and poppy. -Right. -And we added those cute little pencil toppers just because they look so fun and easy to make. -I don't know if they could see this or not but there's actually pasta inside kind of holding the pencils up too as well. -Why not? -Great ideas. Thank you so much, Amanda.