's First Week

Baby's First Week

Baby's First Week: Essential Care Tips on Tricky Subjects

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-Hi everybody I'm Juli. Welcome to Baby Basics. Don't know a thing about diaper on a newborn? Well you'll be changing about 3,000 diapers during baby's first year so you'll be a pro in no time. It's gotta be done, and the quicker the better. So here are a few tips on getting in and out of there in a hurry. -Need a diaper change. -It seems like 6 weeks old Parker is constantly in need of a diaper change so new mom Kate has gotten really good at it really quickly, but it wasn't quite so easy for her at first. So, now that she's got diapering down she's sharing some of her techniques with us. A changing table definitely comes in handy, but any flat surface with a changing pad will do as long as your baby can't roll or fall off, and remember never to leave her unattended. Unfasten the soiled diaper and tuck it underneath your baby. If you're changing a boy though, cover up. Put a cloth over him to avoid being sprayed. Now, gently hold and lift baby's ankles, lifting her bottom up just a bit. When it comes to cleaning, we like alcohol and fragrance free wipes. They're less likely to cause skin irritation, but you can also use warm water with a soft cloth too. For girls, be sure to clean from front to back to avoid spreading bacteria. If your baby has a rash apply a little ointment. And now, bundle up and remove that soiled diaper. Bring the 2 side tabs of the fresh diaper around to the front until they almost meet. And make sure the diaper fits her snugly to keep her nice and dry, but not too tight. When you're baby's newborn, change her after every feeding or every 2 to 3 hours. Babies often have a bowel movement while they're eating. With a dry diaper and a full tummy she may drift off into a deep sleep giving you the perfect chance to do the same. Need more advice on how to care for your newborn? Check out our other informative Baby Basics videos. Also, if you want some information on any of the fabulous furniture you saw on our nursery go to Thanks for watching Baby Basics on Parents TV, your source for the best information for your growing family.