Soccer Goals

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-If you're looking for a great way to spend quality time with your daughter then soccer is the answer. It will help you create a bond and a healthy lifestyle. I'm Ashley Hammond, co-author of the book, Goal, The Ultimate Guide in Soccer for Moms and Dads. And we're going to tell you and show you how and why moms should get involved with their daughters in soccer to play the beautiful game of soccer. -My name Patrick, I'm 17 and I've been playing soccer since I was about 4. Just-- it's a great sport; it's a lot of fun. I like become best friend with most of the girls on the team. I love going, it's always, it's not just soccer and a sport but it's also, you know, social and you get to have fun with your friends. -I'm Olivia. I'm 16, and I've been playing soccer for 11 years, and was kind of always stocking as I kept playing. I'd like it more and more and I was learning more about it and I've just gotten a lot better now. It's fun to play, it's a good game. -I'm Madeline Charity. I'm 13, almost 14 and I've been playing soccer since I was 5. I do love playing soccer, I enjoy it, I have load of friends so it's like a social hour too. -My name is Annie Galor and I've been playing since I was 6 years old so about 10 years now. I love playing soccer because it keeps me focused, keeps me with my friends, energized, athletic, healthy and keeps me in touch with my family. -I got to spend an incredible amount of time with Annie because I got-- I took up the sport also when started to play. -It just gave me something to do, something to keep in touch with my family. I play with my daughters in the backyard, and with my mom and my stepdad so got me connected to him. -I find that my wife and my daughter, they talk us peers as it relates to soccer. Fortunately my wife has learned about the game, knows how to play the game, and I'll often find them talking about certain things that she may do on the field, and they enjoy talking about that kind of stuff. -Managing the schedule has been somewhat difficult over the years but the great thing about it is that my husband is the coach so that we're able to spend our time together. And that has also been a huge advantage because it has kept us together as a unit; all of our brothers go to all of her games so that way we can stay together as a family. -When she plays soccer like she can relate to some of the things that I'm doing, and there's been plenty of hours like car rides and plane trips, and hotel room that, you know, we just stay and laugh. -We have a lot of fun and it's like a little road trips, I mean there's always a story, there's always a memory, there's always-- we can isolate each tournament like oh this is what happened here, this is what happened in the restaurant, just remember the field and I've been running through the mud, and [unk] rainstorm, and there's always a story and we really been able to develop great memories in the years and years that we've been doing this. -My mother and I have become really close to soccer. She's always been involved whether it's-- she's been my manager, for my team she's been my coach at one point I think, and she's always at the games, she's always supportive and she-- since she knows the game she can always help me like improve my game. -It's a good time that I spend with them and I don't try to make it so intense at times because kids these days have so much going on. -When I was younger my mom coached my team and we bonded a lot and she helped me out, and then my sister was always by my side when we played. And sometimes we're on the same team like on town league so we got really close to each other. -I realized once I start to play how difficult it was, and I think when you begin as a parent on the sidelines not knowing the scores, you get enthusiastic and you go and you're shouting at them, and run harder and when you play it yourself you realize how difficult the game can be and how much energy you need to really execute the sport, and I made that realization as I started to play and I understood on from their point of view how difficult it was as a sport. -It is truly, truly one of the hardest games to stay in shape for. You have a 110 yard long field by 70 yards wide, and you can be anywhere on that field and are expected to be. It is truly a cardio workout of any description but then when you throw on top of that jumping folding being hit, tackling, sliding, all those kinds of things, it's very difficult and truly when, especially when moms would come to the game late and start with their daughter's first play they realize just how hard it is. Okay, stop. So, let's listen for my instructions, right? So you're gonna be dribbling [unk] you focus right here, when I say go, you dribble, listen very carefully. Some retro coaching, right? Retro coaching, some-- back from the old days, right? It's less last one on one leg. Training young women for me is always a pleasure, they listen, and they're just as good and they're just as athletic and they're just as coachable. How to get your child involved in the sport is initially to contact both either direct program, almost invariably a town [unk] program has a soccer program, and if they don't then you start one. So, with regards to equipment that's needed for soccer, one of the most important things is shoes and then of course the protection for the legs and shin guards. Minimal equipment and for the rest of it the coaches will deal with it. The most common injury in the soccer is generally speaking an ankle injury and there's no question that they can occur, however when we found and what will typically be reflected in the statistics is the fit you are, the more active you are and the more regularly you play, less likely you are to be injured. -I do not discourage any sort of sports as long as they feel they can commit to it and they can juggle school work also with it. -Nutrition has played a huge part in this development as an athlete and that when you're playing in a 20 minute when you're playing four games against the top competition you need to keep yourself nutritionally sound. -The benefits of girls and daughters playing soccer has been there's a sense of accomplishment and a sense of self-confidence that you gain when you're successful and you play and you're part of a team. -When you play soccer you're involved all the time, you play offense, you can play defense, you always have to be moving and you're in the play, and but also I think the friendships and the people that you meet along the way is probably the most interesting and fun things, and the things you'll remember for the longest. -I have a lot of [unk] soccer friends than I do school friends. I'd rather hang out with them to be honest because I'm with them all the time and they-- we both, you know, we all give each other compliments and we keep each other going so it's really good bond, and you don't have to prove yourself to them, you can just be yourself and that's really great. -Thank you for watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives.