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It's getting easier and easier to buy natural and organic products for you and your family. So today, we're gonna show you some products that we discover that you're going to love. First, we have some cosmetics here from the Organic Pharmacy. A lot of organic or chemical-free face-washes really dry out your skin but this Carrot Butter Cleanser doesn't, it actually makes your skin feel nice and soft. The Organic Pharmacy also carries a line of anti-aging products like this Rose Plus Anti-aging and Anti-Oxidant Face Gel and Firming Serum. They also have a line here towards mom and baby, including this labor and delivery kit, right here, with homeopathic remedies to help before and after labor with breastfeeding. And there's also a lotion and a milk bath here for your baby. To find out more, you can go to the or visit the Organic Pharmacy store in Beverly Hills, California. Well, it seems like no one leaves the house anymore without their hand sanitizer and now there is an all-natural option called Frais, it's a 100% vegan and certified by PETA as a cruelty-free cosmetic producer and it smells great too, thanks to the eight essential oils including cardamom and grape fruit. And if you're feeling a little stress, the all-natural Rescue Remedy might be able to help. You can either dilute 4 drops of the Remedy in water or you can spray it right on to your tongue. The Rescue Remedy is made out of five flower remedies. Different varieties include sleep, energy and alcohol-free version for children. Doctor Weil is out with a new line of bottles and sippy cups for kids that are BPA-free. The new design features the Airwave one-piece venting system to help reduce air bubbles ingested by babies and toddlers which prevents the risk of colic, gas, and spit up. Isn't that great? Instead of using a pitcher with a built-in filter the Zuvo cleans your water straight out of the tap. I loved that. And it eliminates the need for plastic pitchers or using bottled water at home. Water filtered by Zuvo cost about 6-cents a gallon. Isn't that great compared to a more than a dollar a gallon for bottled water? Well, do you have a hard time cleaning out your child's lunch box? It gets really messy, doesn't it? Well, Yubo makes that a whole lot easier, with the dishwasher-safe lunchbox that completely comes apart. This box is BPA-free and comes with reusable container, so you don't have to waste Ziplocs. I like that too. And you can also personalize your Yubo with custom face plates featuring pictures of your child art or your child's name. And these are really cute, I like that. To go inside the box now, how about some organic apple sauce -- GoGO squeeZ, comes in five different flavors and each pouch is equal to one fruit serving. You can find it at Whole Foods Markets. Also at Whole Foods, while you're there and other organic stores too, is a great alternative to plain water -- Ayala's Herbal Water which created by a pediatrician and a certified organic. He'd features flavor like lavender mint, and cinnamon, orange peels. Sounds delicious and it doesn't have any calories or preservatives, that's the best part. Well, there are many natural lines of footwear out and one that we really like is Terra Plana. They use eco materials from natural latex to recycled foam footpads. Some of our favorite styles are these fabulous boots and I tried them one, they're so cute on. And the sneakers that are from the Vivo Barefoot line at Terra Plana. They have a 3-millimeter puncture-resistant sole and the Barefoot Dopie. The Dopie is available for kids as well as for adults. Also for kids now are the adorable organic t-shirts. Look at this, I like it so much. From Tyler Trends. Each t-shirt is made from environmental dyes and sells for $27 and we have this sweet set from Baby Fabulous Organic, the onesie and matching hat are a 100% organic made in the USA and feature eco friendly prints like this, pink lotus. And you can find those at For your newborn now. Aden and Anais have a line of organic muslin baby swaddles. These are just like the original swaddles but made from organic materials. The muslin wraps are nice and big, about 47-inches by 47-inches and they get softer with every wash and let me tell you, they're really soft now. And finally, we have Tegu Wooden Blocks. These blocks encourage creative play and what makes them special is the magnet that's embedded in the solid wood block. Tegu has done extensive testing on the blocks to make sure that magnets won't come free. The blocks are made from responsibly harvested trees in Honduras and for every set of blocks bought; Tegu will either send a child to school in Honduras for a day or plant 10 trees. Isn't that amazing? I love that. Well, we have had a good time picking these products for you and we want to hear what you think about them. So send an email ideas@parents. TV <mailto:ideas@parents. TV>. Thank you so much for watching. We'll see you again soon.