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-You have to be very careful when picking out video games for your kids because some of them are extremely violent and here to tell us about the best games for our kids and the games that you may not want them playing with is executive editor of, Joshua Fruhlinger. Thank you so much for coming in. -Glad to be here. -I think a lot of parents really don't realize how much they should be involved and that they really need to check out these games 'coz they can be disturbing. -That's absolutely true. They're gonna ask for games this holiday that their kids are getting that are actually indeed popular. One of the big ones is this one, Call of Duty 4. It's a beautiful game. It's fun. I've played it. I had a blast, but I wouldn't want my kids playing it especially if they are young. It's got themes of, you know, nuclear destruction, suicide, and terrorism, so-- You know, if your kids already uses that, if they've seen R-rated movies, it's fine. If they haven't, this could be a little disturbing for them. -Okay. And this Call of Duty 4 is compatible with the Xbox 360-- -Xbox 360 and Play Station 3. -Okay. -An Xbox runs for? -This one runs about 399. -399-- -Yup. -and you've bought a couple of other games-- -Yes. -one we should look out for a bit as parents. -Yes. Here's Halo 3, one of the biggest games of all time. Every kid is gonna be asking for it. If their friends don't already have it, they probably already have a copy hidden under the bed, so you're gonna watch out for this one. It is mature, rated 17+. It's not as a violent as Call of Duty 4, but it does have a lot of weapons. It does have a lot of explosions, a little bit of blood. -Okay. Viva Piata. This is one for everybody. -For everyone. -It says it right on there. -Right. So, if you have an older kid who wants to play Halo, but you have a younger kid who also wants to play video games, you don't wanna get 2 counsels, this is a good choice because then they can play this one during the day. Your other kid can play this one at night. -Okay. And this is a hot commodity here? -Yes. -Nintendo Wii. -This is the Nintendo Wii. This one goes for 249. Everyone wants it. It's got the cool controller and it has Mario, which just came out. It's one of the biggest games of all time. It's extremely fun and it's rated for everyone. You cannot go wrong with this one. Even adults will wanna play this one. -It goes back to the 80s. Who wouldn't want it,-- -Exactly. -right? -And the cool thing about this one is you can actually play it with your kids. -Oh. That's great. And Zelda, you may want to stay away from that. -Legend of Zelda also extremely popular, but this one has some monsters. It's rated teens, so if extremely young kids gets scared of the monsters, you know, a little scared of the dark, avoid that one. -Okay. Play Station. -Play Station 3. Beautiful graphics, also plays high definition movies. Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction is one of the biggest games for that one this holiday. Your kids are probably gonna be asking for that one, also rated everyone, but this is everyone 10+. So, if you kind of imagine a Pixar movie where it has a little bit of animated violence, animated shenanigans, that's kind of what you're gonna get out of that one. -Okay and-- but Heavenly Sword? -Heavenly Sword also extremely popular, but also extremely violent. Lot of blood. Lot of blades. Lot of stuff, heads rolling all over the place and that kind of thing. -It's very disturbing what-- -Can be. -what you'll be seeing in games right now, but basically what parents should do is not have the game inside the kid's bedroom. Put it out-- -Yes. -in the common area. See what your kids are doing and play it with them, right? -Very good point. Get involved. I mean, you might have a little fun yourself as well playing the games with them, but most importantly, you're gonna see what they're doing. You're gonna see what the content is and then you can make rational decisions about what they should or should not play. -Alright. And Play Station 3 runs for? -That one runs about 400 as well. -400 dollars. -Yup. -Joshua Fruhlinger, thank you so much for coming in-- -Glad to be here. -making sense of video games for us. -Sure. -Alright. -Thank you for watching Parents TV, our families our lives.