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-When it comes to children's toys, you probably have seen in the news all the recalls especially because of lead in the paint, pretty scary things out there for parents, but what is a parent to do if they wanna buy toys for their kids that are safe; well, we put the call out there and we got our answers from Jen Boulden from Thank you very much for joining us again. -Thanks for having me. -I see you got toys out here, it looks fun today, but you say that these are safe for kids, correct? -Yes. It's so much safer and it's so important because these kids are developing, their bodies are smaller---- -Right. -they're sensitive---- -Right. -and their putting everything in the mouth. -Every single thing in their mouth. -Yeah, and so if there's one point to go eco-friendly its definitely here. -Yeah, take care of them while they're young too especially. Now, what do we have here? -We've got adorable stuff animals. -It's so cute. -Absolutely and a lot of them were made with organic cotton---- -Really? -and cotton is one of those materials that creates so much pesticide to use when you got non-organic and a lot of them---- the pesticides have been linked to cancer forming agents. -Uh huh. -So you really wanna make sure to do the none----you know, pesticide laden toys. -Right. -And this one happens to be my favorite. -It's so cute. -And it's made of wool actually. -Uh huh. -And in Kenya. So, its also fair trade. Its not only eco, but fair trade; so these ladies are getting fair wages and it's a backpack. -Amazing. -It's so cute. -Oh it's a back pack, this is so---- -Yeah. -you know kids are gonna love something like this. -Absolutely. -Now speaking of putting things in their mouth---- -Yes. -there's some teething toys as well as crayons. You know they put the crayons on their mouth all the time too. -Yes. -So what's different about these? -Well as you can see her, its made with organic cotton, but a lot of the teething toys on the market, you know in the conventional-type stores---- -Uh huh, right. -have PVC and other type of plastics that break down. -That's so scary. -and their ingesting in their little sweet developing bodies. -Yeah. -So, it's really important to get teething toys that are nontoxic and they love munching on these---- -They do. -and its just sets the good stage for you know going to the farmers market later in life. -Right. -Right? -The kids will know the difference and then the crayons; I noticed here they're made from soybeans. -They are. They are. -That's amazing. -Yeah, again regular crayons have materials in them that are asthma producing and like ammonia and turpentine, and these things are not FDA regulated because it's not a food. -Right. -You know. -Who knew. -It's who knew, so you can get them made out of soybeans. -That's I never---- never would have imagined that. -Yeah. -Now toys, we recognize these here. They are different though than the average toys. -They definitely are different than the average toys---- -Uh huh. -so, its all made from sustainable wood, which means that they are not taking down the trees faster than they can grew---- -Uh huh. -and then they're treated with nontoxic sealants and paints, and you know of course tested very thoroughly---- -Uh huh. -and beautifully. -Don't have to worry about the lead and the paint; you see it's kinda crazy. -Exactly. -Now when it comes to diapers, you know it's not a toy---- -Right. -per se, but these are different little diapers---- -Uh huh. -as well all know, if you can see these are not very cute. What's different about this diaper than the average diaper out there? -Well the average diaper you're throwing away, right? -Uh huh. -Most of it is made out of plastic. -Right. -And it's going to the landfill and its sitting there for 1000 years. -Uh huh. -And there's about 18 billion tons of diapers that go to the landfills. -Billion with the B? -Billion with the B. -Okay. -And so gDiapers did something very ingenious, and they kinda have this high bridge going on---- -Uh huh. -Where you got cloth outside that you reuse and in the inside has a biodegradable little liner that you snap in. -Uh huh. -You pull that out and that can be flush. -Safe for the environment as well. -Yeah. -Okay good, now you guys can also get these tips and more. You can sign up for daily tips at -Yeah. -and get all these information and much, much more, right? -Absolutely. -Thank you very much, you've just save the day. -I appreciate it. Thank you. -Don't go away another Parents TV on demand video is coming up next. -Starting your holiday shopping soon? Well, don't head to the mall before you check out some of the best toys of the year, staffers of Parents Magazine chose these toys you're about to see for kids ages 4 to 7; and joining us now to show us what makes these toys so special is Parents Magazine executive editor, Kate Lawler. Thank you so much for coming in. -Your welcome. -Now Parent's staffers actually took all these home for their kids to try and they picked their favorites. -Yeah. We actually tested hundreds of toys and our kids tested them at home and we boil them down to the absolute best toys that your kids are gonna want to see under the Christmas tree this year. -And these were some of the favorites? -These are some of the favorites---- -Okay. -and the hottest of the hot. -And this is age group of 5 or 4 and up. -This is for a 4 years old, this is Parents Pop Beads. These are fun beads that you can pop together really easy and big and good for little hands. You can make bracelets, you can make necklaces---- -How cute and colorful. -you can make a ring. -And you were saying that boys even like them. -Yeah. -I've got a cute ring here. Boys even like them because they could make a snake. -Yeah, this doesn't have to be necklace, it can be a snake. So, it's a great toy for 4 years old. -Great idea. How about this one? This is for 5 years old? -This is also for 4 years old. -Okay. -This is called Bunny Hop. It's by Educational Insights. This is a great first game for kids and basically the point is each kid wants to try and get a bunny of each color and then he wins, he rolls the dice, and then you push down a bunny and if it pops out---- -Right. -you get to keep them. -Let's see what happens here. -So, in this case, let's see if I push the right bunny. -You get to keep them---- -I got to keep them. -so you have a blue one now---- -Yes. -you have to get the other colors. -Exactly. -Well that's a really fun toy too. -Yeah. -Alright moving on, looks like these---- some excitement over here---- -Yeah. -with the electronics. -We've got---- we've got remote control cars---- -Okay. -from Kid Galaxy. -Uh huh. -These are for 5 and 6 year olds. -Okay. -And age up from there. This is fun because it's also a game. It's not just remote control. -There you go. -The point is to race against each other and pop the other guys---- the other guy out. -Okay. There we go, that is a lot of fun. -Yeah. -Okay. Alright and now in the same age group, this is 5 and 6 still, we have this great camera. -This is the Kidizoom Camera from Vtech. -Uh huh. -This is really great. It's a real digital camera. It takes great pictures. You can down load them into your computer, but it has a lot of really fun kid friendly features on the back, you can actually chose a picture of a hat, like a Viking hat, or a pirate hat---- -Uh huh. -and I can take a picture of you and the hat will show up on your head. -It's great because---- -So, that's really fun. -the kids are always wanna use moms and dads camera. -Yeah, I wanna take your picture. -Cheese. -Smile. -Now these were moving up to 7 and above. -Yes 7 and above. This is Lego. -These are not your typical Lego. -No, this is---- -Not from when I was a kid. -this is a Lego townhouse. This is great for kids who are really into Legos and who can handle more complicated configurations. This house has a working garage store---- -Yeah. -working windows. You can actually make 3 different houses out of this kit. It comes with 3 different patterns. -Do you think that little garbage can works? -Yeah. -Absolutely great. Now we have 1 more toy left---- -Yeah. -that we can't---- we're running out of time here, but we have to bring this up -This is our favorite toy. -Okay. -You're gonna turn them on, right? -This is the Roboquad. -Okay. -It's by WowWee. -Yeah. -If you turn them on---- -What happens? -he's---- he's -Oh he's talking to us. -He's a remote controlled. He walks around in the dark. He dances. He makes noises. -Oh fantastic. -Yeah. -Oh so great gift. -Yeah, it's great. -Kate Lawler, these are all great gift ideas. I think I'm gonna head to the store now. I know what I need to get my kids, the robots, the bunny hop. -Right. -Thank you so much for coming. -You're so welcome. -Thank you for watching Parents TV, our families, our lives.