After-School Kitchen

Parents TV brings you the highlights of a family dream kitchen designed with special zones for baking cookies and after school snacks. This Better Homes and Garden's showcase kitchen has something special for every member of the family.

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-You're watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives. -Gone are the days when most moms can be home after school to greet the kids with milk and cookies. But for our recent design show, Better Homes and Gardens Magazine combined the best features of the past with the newest innovations to create the ultimate after-school kitchen. -One of the reasons that we chose it is it really is a lot about family. It's about the kids and the parents being together at the end of the day. It's about cooking and working and playing all together in the same space. -The goal was an open family-friendly floor plan and features to accommodate a multitude of functions. From this built-in banquette for homework, craft projects, and prep work for dinner, to a mudroom complete with mini-shower for washing off the kids' boots after school. There's a home office area for mail sorting and cell phone charging-- the kind of things that can clutter-up kitchen counter space-- and a special place for after-school snacks. -Some other features that we love about the kitchen are the milk and cookies bar, which looks a little bit like a traditional baking zone in a kitchen that includes double ovens and a warming drawer. It's got a section of countertop that's a little bit lower for rolling out dough. But it also has a great under counter fridge where kids can access their own snacks. -Another highlight is a large built-in window seat for reading, homework, watching movies, or just a great place for the kids to play. -One of the most fun features in the kitchen is the back wall behind the cook top area. It's all painted in chalkboard paint so you can take chalk to it and say, "This is where the soup bowls go." Your kids can help put away the dishes. Another really fun element in the kitchen is a very large curved island bar area and it's done in a fabulous kind of sparkling red color. It really expresses that this kitchen is about fun and family together time. It's not super, super serious. -The kitchen has a nostalgic 50's diner feel, and the style is eclectic, a reminder of simpler days when after-school wasn't so hectic. But it also reflects the newest trend in kitchen design. -What we at Better Homes and Gardens Magazine really want people to take away from this is the idea that they can look at the kitchen space in a new and different way, that the kitchen can be more than just that functional space, that it really could be the only living room that you would need in your whole home. -I'm Kim Singer. -Thanks for watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives. Your new video source for parenting.