Nighttime Routine

Wed, 22 Aug 2012|

-Putting your baby down to sleep at night should be an enjoyable time for both you and your baby. To help your baby get the sleep that she needs, it's important to establish a before-bed routine. Babies come to easily adjust to and expect these routines. Johnson's has conducted a critical study showing that a 3-step routine; bath, massage and quiet activities helps babies fall asleep easier and sleep through the nigh better. Following these steps will help you and your baby get the rest that you both need. The first step in the routine is a bath. You wanna take care to use a gentle and calming product that will be gentle and safe for your baby's skin. All right-- and feel good. That good in you [unk]. And when you're done bathing your baby, and then, you wanna dry her up carefully have the towel ready here, wrap her up quickly so she doesn't get cold. Yeah-- Then you perform the second step of the routine, which is a massage with a gentle lotion. Gently massaging your baby will help her relax and unwind from the day. Honey, are you ready for your massage? I'm just gonna massage your feet, okay? Yeah-- Third, enjoy some quiet activities with your baby as you help her prepare for bed. One good tip is to [unk] with a blanket making her feel nice and secure like she's back in the womb. That feel good honey? Feel good? Okay. Ready for night-night? Good girl. You can cuddle, read or just spend a few moments gently rocking her. And should always keep in mind, it's a good idea to put your baby down while she's drowsy but still wake. This will allow your baby to safely suite herself to sleep. Following a routine like this will help your baby better adjust to a sleeping pattern. Bedtime should be an opportunity for you and your baby to closely bond which should be relaxing for the both of you. So, starting out with a right book for bed routine can help. -Take extra care on how you lay your baby down to sleep. Be sure to put your baby down to sleep on her back to reduce the chance of [unk]. Joining me now is nationally renowned parenting expert and pediatrician Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg. Thanks so much for being with us, doctor. Always good to have you. -Thank you for having me. -And you were also a pediatric consultant to Johnson's. -Uh-hmm. -And you've written this great book here, Good Kids, Bad Habits; the real age guide to raising healthy children. And this is an interesting concept that our habits actually start more very young. -They do. I mean, we really wanna get rid of those bad ones as soon as possible and still those good ones to have happy, healthy children and a happy healthy adults. -Now, I would say a good habit in most parents are looking for in their children is for them to sleep especially when you're bringing the baby home from the hospital. As much as you love them, there's those first days and weeks really can be very tiring. How can you get a baby to sleep better? -Well, sleeping is so important. In a way that you can help them is by establishing a night time routine. And in fact, Johnson's has just finished a clinical study where they had parents do a 3-step night time routine and what it was starting with a nice warm bath for the baby using Johnson's bedtime bath and then afterwards, a nice gentle massage using the Johnson's bedtime lotion and doing a massage from head to toe. And then a quiet activity either reading a book or sing a little lullaby and then putting-- placing your baby down to sleep. And what the research did show is that these babies did fall asleep much easier and quicker and also stayed asleep longer. And that's so important. -Right. Especially to Mom, I'm sure Moms are loving that. -Moms are loving that, and in fact, in the study, it did show that 50% of Moms said there was a reduction in their stress and fatigue and anxiety when they follow this routine. Well thank you doctor, those are some great tips. Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg, a pediatric consultant to Johnson's.