Broadway Dads

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-The hit Broadway show Mama Mia is about a mother, her daughter and three possible dads. Well, one of those men, actor, Pearce Bunting, just happens to be a dad in real life-- and don't be fooled by his character 'cause he is loving every minute of it. We had a chance to sit down with him and talk about how he's juggling being a Broadway star and a devoted husband and still finds time for his adorable little boy Milo. Is it worth for the height and age difference? You might never know who the real kid is in the Bunting household. -We do this thing in here where we'll be sitting on the sofa and he'll be in the kitchen and we'll do the silly walking. -Once you get to know Broadway Star Pearce Bunting. You realize, he's the big kid at heart who likes to play just as much as his 4-year old son Milo. -It's kinda slow and it's sticky. So I actually buy him toys that I would have played with. I totally do. I mean, I know a lot of fathers do that. -And some of them end up in his dressing room backstage in his smash-hit Mama Mia. In his dispensers are tiny statues, even a G.I. Joe. -They both have life-like hair and they're both stunts, like us. -Pearce's playful nature is just one of the many qualities that makes him such a good dad. -All right, Milo. Come on. One hit then it's Daddy's turn. Come on buddy. I always knew I would be a dad and I always wanted to have chance to be one. I've always love kids. -He's made for it. He's all heart, he's all-- he's so into with the kids and it makes him a great dad. -Okay, keep going. You gotta do it. -The best part of being a dad. What is the best part? -Having somebody loves you so much like-- having 100 percent to the moon and front. And I don't love anything more in my life with my son. I really don't. And I never thought anything like this way before. -What he has always felt is the desire to be a dad, but it wasn't easy for Pearce and his wife Stephanie. They tried for 6 years before turning to in vitro. They call Milo their miracle baby. So here you are playing the part of a man who does not wanna have a child. -And just a miracle thrown on him. Yeah-- and didn't even want it. And now, then he likes it. I'm a guy who always wanted it and look like he wasn't gonna have it. And now he's got it. And it's sitting right here on my left. -Pearce who believe it or not turns 50 next March is having the time of his life right now with Mile and Steph and on stage. But his play is full so he tries his best to balance 8 performances a week and family life, helping Steph out whenever he can. -I can home and relieve her between shows. I spend a lot of time with them in the morning and trying to give her a time-off. -On this day, there's plenty of time to play and share some quite time. -She'd asked her father for a gorilla. -Before heading to the theater just a few city blocks away, his daily walk under the marquee and through the stage door hasn't gotten old. Pearce is loving every minute of his first run on Broadway. -That's stage door to me represents-- you're a member of the club. You can go in and you can get away from the chaos but you're also in there doing this thing that all these people are coming to see. -Pearce still remembers the first time he stood on the Broadway stage. -And I look out there and-- -Hi. -I never seen-- -Through a mailbox. -A more beautiful side of my life. And I had this-- I mean, that was a one-moment deal there, where I knew I'm here, I'm on Broadway. -Minutes before the curtain rises, Pearce takes me on a backstage tour. -That's the green room up there which is kind of a lounge area. There's my dresser, Jim. Hey, Jim. Hi. -Hi Jim. -His dressing room is filled with pictures, one of Pearce's favorites, Steph giving Milo his bath. He keeps this one around because he can't always be there at bath time. -I can't stop looking at this kid if I want to. -Pearce still marvels at how far he has come since he started acting almost 40 years ago. He says, he was drawn to the theater when he wasn't fitting it in school. -And people might make fun of us but we got to go out there and hundreds of people would come and watch us perform. And, it's what I love about theater now. It's a huge family. -Even with the support of his theater family, Pearce went through some tough times, eventually turning to drugs, but he got into rehab and got sober 16 years ago. That's when his career started turning around. -Then this long extra-ordinary series of job is happening to me that were beyond my wildest dreams. And the part started rolling in. Then, he signed on his host of a travel show on the Discovery Channel after 2-year run with the traveling cast of Mama Mia, he landed the role on Broadway in 2006. Milo loves to watch his dad perform. He often stops by the theater to catch the finale. -Hey. All of a sudden I had this, a guy caring about me in what I did and-- what do you have there? -During our tour at Pearce's favorite spot backstage. He talks about Milo following him in his footsteps. -If he wants to be an actor, the only thing that I would hope is that we would get to be in a play together. That would blow my mind. -Speaking of plays, Pearce has got one to do right now in this glitzy costume. How much is this belt weigh? -I don't know-- about 800 pounds and those are my platform shoes 'cause this isn't sure what really might happened? -Look at this. -You can't do Abba without the bling. -Now, you certainly can't. He is just so talented. Isn't he? Pearce, thank you so much for inviting me into your home and backstage, I have the best time-- and Milo is just the cutest. Thanks for watching Parents TV. I'm Juli Auclair. Stay tune for more Broadway Moms and Dads coming your way real soon.