Delivery Services

Home Delivery Services

Holly and Marni try out home delivery services including a mobile doggy wash! Could these services help you?

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-You're watching Parents TV, our families, our lives. -Hey, It Moms. As mommies ourselves, Holly and I know that time is of the essence, but errands, totally unavoidable. So, we decided to test out 3 different delivery services to see if they'd make our lives easier. -First up, grocery delivers so let's go inside and let them do the work. -Oh, no. We'd like you to bring it all the way in. -Could you move? He's trying to work. -Jeez. -Wow. You didn't have to go to the store. -I didn't have to go to the store and I even got my tulips. I mean, not for me but my daughter. -Yesterday, when I ordered this online, I intentionally ordered things I would be afraid of having delivered to my house like poultry, ground beef, and produce. -And expiration dates so-- -Right. -Let's check it out. -Let's check it out. -Avocados. -So these 2 are firm. -We have 2 firm, 2 squishy. -And you can do organic milk. -Yogurt. -But I didn't see organic beef. -The beef looks good. -Not bad. -There it goes. Lovely. -It's pretty good. I hate the asparagus. I think it's really mushy on top. -Oh, that's sick. -That just means it's bad. -Yeah. -The tulips which-- -Oh, hey. -Every mom is familiar with. -Princess, 'cause you have to say I want princess. -It did give you an option. -You have the option of buying princess tulips. -Yes. -There you go. -One of my least favorite things to do I have to say is grocery shopping. -Well, you have-- -Four kids. -Four kids. -Which seems like forty-one when you get there. -Yeah. -With all the tasks we have to do and errands we have to run, it's really hard to find the time to just sit and play with your kids, so maybe delivery services are good because they buy you a little extra time to do that. -The dog needs a bath, so, I ordered a little noble bath for the dog. -Washing robe, bring it on. Okay, come here, Bud. -Oh, Barley's so excited. He has no idea. -Look at his little tail. -It's okay. -You're gonna be [unk] -Well, we're gonna try to loosen it out, squeeze the ears. We're gonna brush him. -You know, It Moms, the school coming up, we're running around like crazy right now. Sometimes you just wanna stay home. -Yeah. -Delivery services can alleviate the chaos of always having to leave the house. I never get a chance to read. -I don't either. I had started this book like 3 times. -Yeah, mine's got 3 going 2 years. -I really only have shopping to do. -Yeah. -Yey. He did my ironing for me. Oh, I love you. That's awesome. -That is so cool. -Thank you so much. -Great, welcome. -Little over a buck a shirt, I think that's worth it. -That is worth it. -Totally worth it. -Alright. The unveiling. -The big reveal. -The dog. -That was like magic. -Magic. -Thank you. -Okay, It Moms, sometimes, new things like delivery services can be a little intimidating and you need a friend to help give you that encouragement to try something new. -So, today, we had groceries delivered, we had the dog washed, and we even had our shirts pressed. -Saving us an entire afternoon to do the more important things like nothing at all. -Nothing. -Give it a try, It Moms. -Try it out. You'll probably like it. -Oh, underdog. -Thanks for watching Parents TV, our families, our lives. Your new video source for parenting.