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Holiday Baby Gifts

Adorable holiday gifts for babies.

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-'Tis the season of giving and if you have a little one on your list, you know it's tough to shop for baby. So I headed to Manhattan baby boutique Bundle for some beautiful gift ideas from owner Allison MacCullough. -This time of year, we're actually getting a lot of parents that are coming in looking for something for their children to wear for all the parties and family time and also photographs that people do this time of year. My favorites for both boys and girls are a [unk] line called Velvet & Tweed which is very unique to us. We're one of the only stores in New York, actually the only store in Manhattan, carrying this brand. So this is a little velvet bubble dress which comes in sizes 3 to 6 months through 40. So, that is perfect for all the holiday parties for your little girl. And then for her littler brother or big brother, we have these 2 pieces: the corduroy pants with the suspenders and flannel shirt. And this also comes in a brown plaid which is adorable. A great idea for Christmas presents is to do something custom for the child, and we have a couple of pieces here to buy, MJK Knits, that I love. This is the name sweater here which, obviously, you can put the child's name in. You can do this striped as we've shown here, or you can do it solid, and it comes in all of these colors. Instead of doing the name, if you prefer, you can also do the initial sweater. Similarly, we have hats and also pillows, which make a beautiful gift for the little one's room or to keep him or her cozy. Zooni makes these really fun puppet mittens which makes staying warm fun. They're chunky-knit cotton and they're also lined in a very soft fleece. They make all sorts of animals and also other little appliques, but this is a cute little hat for girls with a cupcake. And this particular piece is made of organic bamboo, which feels similar to cotton but it's actually a little bit silkier. The next piece I'll talk about on the subject of keeping warm is the Randy Puffer jacket by a line called Acoustic. And I've got---- I pulled this particular piece from the boy's section, but this is adorable on both little boys and little girls. It comes in sizes 6 to 12 months through 40, and it's lined in this amazing cotton, which is super, super soft. One of our most popular lines here at Bundle is Splendid and that's because everything that they make is amazingly soft. This first piece is a little onesie or romper for a little girl, and I love that it's not pink or purple. I love pink or purple, but sometimes it's refreshing to do something that is a different color, and the ruffle makes it, obviously, very feminine. And similarly for boys, they made the style with a little pocket and these come in 3 to 6 months through 12 to 18 months. There's nothing like a soft stuffed animal to buy a child. So, if that's the gift route you're interested in going, then we recommend Jellycat's Cordy Roy collection. So these are amazingly soft corduroy. We carry 4 different animals here. So, we've got the blue puppy, and we've got the red bear that's especially great around the holiday time, the navy blue elephant, and the pink pig. -Well, let Bundle do the work for you with the store's online concierge service. Just fill out a form on their website and Allison or her associate will help you pick out a gift then wrap it up and ship it anywhere in the country. -Well, just follow Allison's simple tips when buying for baby. -A lot of people often ask about sizing. So, I always recommend if you're not quite sure, go a size up because children do grow very fast. So, if maybe they can't wear whatever it is, they'll be able to wear it in a couple of months. When you're giving a gift, try to get something that is a little unique, for example this blouse over here by Velvet & Tweed that I absolutely adore. I think it's nice to think of things that maybe mom or dad wouldn't necessarily buy his or her own child if you're thinking about that and just, you know, spoil them a little bit.