A Pepper

Core A Pepper

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-From the Family Circle kitchen to your kitchen, on Parents TV. -Hey everybody, I'm Juli Auclair and we've got a great tip for you today on We're over in the Family Circle Test Kitchen where senior food editor Julie Miltenberger is gonna show us how to core a pepper. -It's---- -The right way to do it. -Let me tell you, it's so much better than trying to get the knife down in there and take out the core, and then you've got seeds everywhere, so---- -Which is what I always do, so, show me the right way. -Well, it's also nice you pick a really beautiful, flat-sided pepper. -That's a pretty pepper. -Yup. You just start at the top and you cut straight down the side. -Okay. -And then you just have 4 flat pieces, which are perfect either to grill just like that, or you can cut them into strips very simply, or move on and just dice. -So you don't worry about any of this. This is all just cast aside. -No, it's all, you know, in general, you would---- the old traditional way, you would cut it out off the top and then you'd have to cut out all the white area. But this is all together, no seeds, no worries. -No seeds, no worries, I like that. All right, Julie, thank you so much; great tip for how to core a pepper. And stay tuned to for more great ideas and recipes. We'll see you soon.