Bath Time

Baby Bath Time

Bath time is a great time to bond -- but you want to make sure you're sudsing up safely. Follow these tips for a better bath time experience!

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-Hi everybody, I'm Julie. Welcome to Baby Basics. Bath time is a great time to bond, but you wanna make sure you're sudsing up safely. A good time to give your baby a bath is just before bed. It will relax him and get him ready to fall asleep. So, follow these tips for a better bath time experience. 4-month-old Sam loves bath time so does his mom Becky. While she always wants him to have fun in the tub, she wants to make sure he is safe too, so she always follows these bath time guidelines. First, you should stick to a sponge bath until your baby's umbilical cord has fallen off or circumcision has healed properly. For safety sake, gather everything you need before your baby's in the tub. Wash cloth, soap and shampoo if you wanna use them, cotton balls, towel, bath toys, a clean diaper, clothes, and some moisturizer. And don't forget to test the water to make sure it's comfortable, but not too warm. -Here we go. Ooh, does that feel nice? -Now remember, a baby shouldn't be bathed in an adult bath tub until he is old enough to sit up on his own, about 6 months, so use the sink or a plastic tub and never leave him unattended. Also, keep 1 hand on your baby at all times and make sure the room is warm and draft free. If your baby is afraid of the water, try playing games or giving him special bath time toys to distract him. Start with your baby's eyes. -Wash your eye. -Wet a cotton ball and wipe from the inside corner to the outside. Use a new cotton ball for the other eye. Use soap sparingly. Experts say unless the weather has been hot or he's especially dirty and most babies really aren't, plain water is just fine. Next, clean his face. -Here comes the duck. Wash your little cheeks. -And then do his ears. -Wash that head of hair. -Now, very gently wash your baby's hair and scalp with baby shampoo or mild soap. Just a little will do. To rinse, use a cup to pour water over your baby's head. Be careful so that it doesn't run into his eyes then continue washing working your way down from his neck to his toes. Skip his bottom though. That should be the last part you wash before taking him out of the tub. Now, don't forget to have a towel ready before you take your baby out of the tub. Quickly bundle him up, covering his head to keep him warm and dry him off. -Nice, and dry, and warm. -Now is the perfect time to apply some lotion and it could be a good time for a little massage too. Many babies love bath time. If yours doesn't enjoy it, you may wanna go back to sponge bathing and then try the tub again every few weeks. Need more advice on how to care for your newborn? Check out our other informative baby basics videos. Also, if you want some information on any of the fabulous furniture you saw on our nursery, go to Thanks for watching Baby Basics on Parents TV, your source for the best information for your growing family.