Spring Cupcakes

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-You're watching Real Moms Real Moments on Parents TV. From the Betty Crocker test kitchen in Minneapolis, here's Juli Auclair. -Hi everybody. Spring has sprung and our next real mom couldn't be more excited because warmer weather means more time with her horse. That's right. This mom is an equestrienne. And when she isn't riding, she's baking from recipes created right here in the Betty Crocker Kitchens. -Hi, I'm Carol from Indianola, Iowa. And I'm a real mom. Springtime for me and my family is just great. We're ready to get out of the house and start doing some activities outside. We really enjoy being around each other. We have the horse interest that we share together. We love to garden. We love planting flowers in the springtime, just getting out and seeing the beautiful spring colors, going out and having picnics, and just taking some really fun foods with us. Today, two of my kids, Meghan who is 20 and my youngest son Quentin who is 8, we're gonna make some fun spring cupcakes. We've got a lot of picnics coming up in the springtime and we like to get in the kitchen and just decorate. You're ready to make some cupcakes together? -Yeah. -Okay. The recipe is so simple. Even my youngest son, Quentin, can do it. We just pour in the cake mix. Pour in some water, eggs, and oil and mix it up good until we're ready to put it in the little baking cups and then we just pop it in the oven and cool it and then we're ready to frost and decorate and it's a lot of fun. Okay! This is the fun part. My favorite part of frosting the cupcakes. The first one is flower power cupcakes and they're my favorite. We're gonna use some colorful licorice sticks and some chocolate sprinkles to make the center of our flower and make really fun pretty petals with the licorice sticks. First, we're gonna dip the tip, the very top of 'em and these chocolate sprinkles to make the center of the flower. You just kind of press it down in there. See? Just like that, okay. Okay. So, now we're gonna take our colored licorice sticks and make the petals and then we're just gonna layer 'em all the way around the cupcakes to make our petals. It's awesome. So now, when I think of springtime, I think of bugs. The next one we're gonna do are picnic pals and those are fun little bug cupcakes that you can decorate in different bug shapes, ladybugs, butterflies, caterpillars using all different kinds of candies and sprinkles and even some fun decorating gel. What do you wanna make? -I don't know. I wanna make a bee. -You wanna try the bee? -Okay. Let's make a-- make a bee. -I might go and just do a caterpillar. -I'm gonna make the ladybug. I like ladybugs. -You don't-- Ooh, cool. That's a big stinger. -Okay. Mine's all done. -And the last cupcake we're gonna do is just a really simple fun cupcake that any aged kid could do. We're just using white frosting and then some colorful sprinkles that we're gonna put around the edges to really make it a fine exciting spring cupcake. So now watch. I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take my cupcake. I'm just gonna dip the sides of it with these really fun sprinkles. Okay. Who's gonna try it next? -That look good. -That's gonna be yummy. -Mine's better. Yours is crumbling. -Oops, no it's not. -That was fun, wasn't it? -Uh-huh. -Yeah. The cupcakes were very good. The frosting is fresh and really flavorful. They're moist and I would be proud to take 'em to any function that I was attending. Things that are made from the heart are the best, I think. And I think it teaches them that family time is important and just being together and making those memories are always gonna be special to them. -Ready to make spring cupcakes like today's real mom? Visit for this recipe and more.