Doctor's Visit

First Doctor's Visit

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-So our first trip out as a family, Randy, Joslin, and I was to the doctor's office, which is right around the corner. Okay, let's go to the doctors. And I was kind of excited for the first doctor's visit and Joslin is sort of cooperated. All right, so, here we are. It's been about 3 days since we left the hospital and this is our very first doctor's appointment. It's called a wellness exam. I'm a little anxious. I'm kind of interested to see what she has to say. Hope everything is okay. -Okay, so, go over the questions repeatedly and tell me if you have any other ones. I want you to be okay. -It was really important to me and Randy to find a pediatrician that really we were comfortable with. So about 2 months before I gave birth, I interviewed Dr. Tiku from Riverside Pediatrics and I fell in love with her. Just the tone of her voice was enough to put me, you know at ease. -It's a lot of work nursing -Yeah. -so she gets tired. -Okay. -It was kind of flighty here. The doctors say that breastfeeding makes the newborns tired 'cause I know it definitely makes me tired. -I doubt you probably get her to suck hard enough to get milk I know she's got the energy. -Okay. -I was also relieved to find out that breastfeeding every 10 minutes was normal. Oh no. -That's upward. This is gonna fall off when you gonna see that. -Okay. -And when you're gonna be freaked out a little bit -Uh huh. -so you just have to-- -To see Dr. Tiku touches little Joslin's umbilical cord when it was definitely not ready to come off yet, it kind of freaked I think both me and Randy out, but, you know, she's pretty comfortable doing it so I guess I should be. But generally, you know, the biggest part of a visit is just to see how much weight she has lost or gained and-- -And then jaundice. -and yeah, the jaundice, but she's not jaundiced. -Okay, good. -So, we don't need-- -Oh, good. -We don't have to worry about that. We don't have to check it again. -Other than Joslin's birth weight, the other major concern for me was jaundice. When I went to see Dr. Tiku, she told me that it was below 7.9 and that I shouldn't be concerned. -So this is the way works. It goes from head to toes. -Oh, it's not that bad anymore. It's very slight. So if you see it here, it's about a 7, here is about a 12, here's about a 16, -Uh huh. -here is about a 20. -Uh huh. -So, numbers-- double digit numbers are more concerning. -Okay. -Nursed babies have jaundice for up to 6 weeks. -Okay. -She hardly has any. -Okay. -While I had read all about the fact that a little girl can actually get a period because of my hormones, I was not prepared to see Joslin have a little bit of sort of red discharge. It was definitely a shock to me. Even though I read about it, I just-- it was hard to say, but the doctor said it was completely normal and I trust her. I'm clearly obsessed with my daughter's diaper. If my husband changes the diaper and I haven't seen it, I will go out get it from the garbage can and look at the color, the texture. It's just such a good way of understanding how she's doing and I wanna make sure that she's actually getting my breastmilk so the doctor's just that I didn't bring one to the office. Well, Dr. Tiku was definitely thorough in her assessments of my daughter's reflexes, her hip alignment. It was just really, really hard to watch. One-- I mean, in one way, I was kind of concerned in the way she's handling her, and on the other hand, it kind of me feel better. I realized that she's really not as delicate as I thought. -Now, if she has a fever that's an emergent-- -What level, like what degree? -Technically, 100.6 and up. -Wow, that's high. -100.6. -Oh, Oh, that's not that high if you have 100.6. -100.6 are high, we would wanna know. A 100, I like you to just call me. We don't know really what's going on probably because she is over bundled, is it because the room is really hot. -I agree. -And that's a good question too. What temperature should we keep the environment? -Understand who needs you. -Understand what's wrong. That's great. -Oh, actually, I know what is wrong. [unk] higher. -Yeah. You love 77. -I was under the assumption that the warmer the better in the apartment. I'm really glad Randy asked what temperature the apartment should be kept at. Of course, he likes it nice and cool and he's actually right. -Her eyes, sometimes they get a little crusty. -Yes, a little though. -Because the tear ducts are not formed yet very well. -Uh huh. -So, she doesn't know how to-- she doesn't really get to rub her own eyes. -Uh huh. So what you can do is wipe the crust off. You can put a little bit of breastmilk on there sometimes. -Dr. Tiku had so much great information. One that I hadn't heard about what was rubbing the tear ducts, so if there's any sort of kind of congestion in there you can sort of rub the tear ducts to generate tears and kind of cleared all the way. -That's the tears kind of moving along. -Okay. It was such a relief to know that we had access to our doctor 24/7 that I can call it any hour and there will be somebody available. I would recommend to all moms actually that they have not just their pediatrician's number, but also poison control in their cellphone or posted somewhere where it's easy to access. -So [unk] Monday appointment. -And so great to have Randy with me for the first doctor's appointment. There's so much information to absorb and it's just great to have another set of ears so take it all in. -So 100.6, lower the heat in the place a little bit. -Yes. -Put that way the emergency number is the regular number. -Same number day or night. -I know. We talk about that ahead. Everything else was good. -Yeah. -I think it covered everything. -All right. That was our first doctor's appointment. A is across the board. -Lots of good information. I feel really relieving. -I know. Me too. Ready to go home Jos. -Just take her home. -Yes. Yes. Let's go.