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-Today on Parents TV we're talking about a serious topic that is childhood obesity but fortunately, one of the solutions is pretty fun -- it's getting up, being active. And today, we're coming to the gym, not just any gym but My Gym. Now, we're gonna talk with the owner Gretchen. We're gonna learn a lot about nutrition and we gonna start it off-- -Relay. --with-- -Wedge mount relay. --something called 'wedge mount relay'. -Wedge mount relay. All right. So, what we're gonna do, when I call your name is you're gonna run, run, run. You're gonna stand on the monkey, you're gonna do a big jump and then you gonna run down and stand on the white line. Run, run, run, run. Big jump. Nice. -Why do you bring Elliot here? -Well, he's exhausted afterwards which is great. He gets lots of physical activity and builds his confidence and he loves it. He loves the teachers, he love-- he then loves the activities that they do. -We've heard that this is really good for kid's images, for their self-image. What have you noticed since you've been taking Elliot here? -He's more confident, just st-- he steps out and he wants to be first for the activities and that-- he-- I don't know, he just kind of stands taller and prouder of what he's accomplished. -You know, when we go to the gym, it's kind of a chore. At least it is for me. -Yeah. -But kids loved to come, don't they? And I mean they look forward to it. -Oh every day, every Wednesday, actually before Wednesdays it's always 'is it Wednesday yet? Is it gym day?' and then we come to the free place as well. So, he gets up more than once a week and that's great. -Finally, do you have any diet tips for us? How do you make sure that your children are getting good nutrition? -Try to, you know, try to sneak in there, in different ways, you know, if he's having soup, makes sure there's also vegetables in there and, you know, he always has to try things at least once we-- when we have new food. So, in different varieties and hopefully he'll like what we have. -What about those parents out there that say 'you know what, my kids are just too picky, I can't get them to try this, I can't get them to try that', any advice for them? -I think it's just the -- keep trying. They may not like it one day but, you know, hopefully if you put it in front of them enough that they gonna like it eventually. -It takes a lot of patience. -Definitely, a lot of patience and that's parenting anyways, so. -Yeah. -Actually, it's just really good exercise for them but also it's really help for my daughter's confidence in this physical activity. She speaks her mind and so. This has really helped her. Just learn to climb and jump and just do all sorts of movement activities. It's really great for her. -They need to get out and exercise, you know. When I was a kid, we can run around in the neighborhood and do all kinds of stuff that you can't certainly do now. But a lot of kids spends a lot of time in front of their computer and watching TV and they just need to keep their kids a little bit. -How do you know is on their way to, kind of, getting obese? Is it pretty obvious, that they look like they put on some pounds? Did you, tried to get it off? -Yeah, and I think that you, kind of, get a sense of muscle tone and motor skill development as they grow from toddlers into adolescents. -What kind of things do you do for My Gym? I know you -Yeah, focus not only on just playing and having a good time although that's the main reason why people come. -Yeah. Absolutely. We are doing some basic gymnastic skills although that's not our main focus but gross motor skills, muscle development, sensory stimulation, balancing, jumping, tumbling, all that good stuff. And they don't really know they're learning anything. -And it seems that you try to develop habits like, you know, where kids have fun and they get used to having fun. -They do get used to it and they develop habits that are social habits as well. Learning to interact with other kids and listen that to other people other than my parents, listen to the teachers, follow directions, that kind of thing and so. It kind of rounds them out socially, as well as physically. -So, what kind of things? What kind of physical activities you have in My Gym? -We have what we called the parallel bars, we have trampoline, climber, slides, ball pit, all kinds of fun stuff. We have our zip line which we call 'space flight'. -I know kids love the ball pit. -They do. That and space flight, it's probably their favorite. -And put your hands on the top one. There you go. -When she gets home, is she all tired out or she's still ready to go? -She's still ready to go but it's good for her. So, she has a lot of fun, so. -A lot of kids these days just, kind of, sit in front of the computer or they sit in front of the TV and, you know, when we were kids, we used to go out ride our bikes and go all over place and be gone all day, and we can't really do that anymore. Is this a good alternative, you think for parents? -I think it is. It's great and it's indoor and it's safe and they have lots of fun and so. -Now, push your stomach up to make a table. -Clean, healthy, active. We want kids to-- there is a place to go and have a good time and be able to be yourself and run around and then not have to worry about whatever is on their mind today. -And have themselves create a positive image of themselves. -Absolutely. I think that's one of the things that parents don't know that's gonna happen -- is they develop their self confidence here and it, kind of, happens along the way, it's not even on purpose. They just get more excited about their place and where they can be and have fun. Anything you can do with them, take walks, helped them-- have them helped you shop at the grocery store, pick out things, any kind of physical activity that they can be. You can do exercises at home that turn dames up and down. -It seems like kids always want to run around. -Yeah. -But sometimes they forget about that. Parents told them many times 'sit still, don't move, sit in your chair, don't run around', they think they seem to forget that, don't they? -They do forget that and they need a place and a time to do that in. There is a time where you're not supposed to run around and this is not the place for any of those. This is a place where you do get to run around and get to have some fun. It belongs to them. As long as they have a good healthy diet and physical exercises as well, I think everything should be good. -So we've got some good tips today. We've learned we gotta keep getting your kids exercise, that they really liked it, that they want it, you gotta keep introducing healthy foods to your children even if at first they don't really like, you gotta keep trying. And of course, we learn about the 'wedge mount relay', which is a lot of fun too. I'm Wayne Garcia, for Parents TV. -Thank you for watching Parents TV; our families, our lives.