Baby Massage

We all love a nice soothing massage. But did you know that your baby can benefit from a soft touch too?

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-Hi everybody, I'm Julie. Welcome to Baby Basics. We all love a nice soothing massage. I know I do. But did you know that your baby can benefit from your soft touch too? All you need is a little time, massage lotion, and these simple techniques and you will be well on your way to a wonderful bonding experience. Liz and her 11-month-old baby Sophia look forward to this special time all day long. -Are you ready? Are you ready? Yeah. -It's massage time. -A massage can stimulate a child's circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems. Not to mention, it's a relaxing bonding experience between baby and mom. Research shows it can even help premature babies gain weight faster and sleep better so it really is great all around. The perfect time and place for a massage? Just before you put your baby down for the night is good. You just choose a comfortable surface like your changing table and start by squeezing several drops of massage lotion on your hands and then rub 'em together to warm it up. -Here we go. -Okay. Now, you're ready for some rubbing or milking as the experts call it. Hold on to your baby's thigh with both hands and stroke firmly and deeply from the leg to the ankle sort of like you're milking a cow. Use your thumbs to stroke the arch of her foot and give each toe a little squeeze. -Uh-huh. -Now, it's time for the backstroke. Lay your baby on the changing table on her tummy this time and start at her neck. stroke your hands back and forth across her back, moving slowly down toward her bottom. Next up is a technique called rolling the rope. Place your baby on her back again and gently roll your baby's legs from side to side with your hands sort of like you're rolling out a rope of dough. Work this time from thigh to ankle. -Oh. -Repeat this movement on her arms as well. Finally, it's time for the clean sweep. Keep your left hand on your baby's bottom and slowly sweep your right hand from her neck to her behind until your hands meet then move your left hand to your baby's feet and sweep your right hand from her bottom to the her legs. Make massage a daily ritual. It's never too late to start. Not only will it help you and your baby bond,-- -Are you ready for bed? -your magic touch could even help her sleep better. And we know you're all for that. -Are you ready for bed? -Need more advice on how to care for your newborn? Check out our other informative baby basics videos. Also, if you want some information on any of the fabulous furniture you saw in our nursery, go to Thanks for watching Baby Basics on Parents TV, your source for the best information for your growing family.