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-Hey, It Moms! For those of us who have worked full-timer, even part-time, we know how hard it is to juggle a career with everyday life. -So we're gonna introduce you to a great panel of executive moms who managed to do just that. -Milady. -The best thing by far is the chance to integrate all this stuff we do. I mean, I don't know if you ever find that your life as a mom feeds and nourishes your work, or your work sparks an idea at home to help your kid get along with a bully at school, or something. -The best side of it is retaining that sense of your identity as a woman and who you are away from your family, I think is important. It's odd because you're struggling so hard for balance in your life as a working mother, yet as a working mother I think you do get a sense of balance you otherwise wouldn't have. -In the earlier years when my kids were really small, the hardest part for me was calling home because my husband worked out of our house, and the nanny was there and hearing, "they took their first steps," "they did this," and I was just like, "Oh," you know, "Am I where I want to be?" But at the end of the day, I think that a lot of the creativity and accomplishments that you get from work are so different from the feeling that you can get from spending with your kids, and I wouldn't trade one over the other. The hardest part is knowing that you're doing both well. -When you're a working mom, there's always a sense that you're disappointing someone; whether it's your kids, your partner, yourself, your boss, your co-workers. And I think that's really a struggle for women who are executives because you like to take your business. You like to get things done. -Having kids and managing your home life is not that much different than managing people that you work with. I always get a-- I always laugh every morning when I drop my son off at day care, and I sort of observe the playgroups and how they all play. And we have a wonderful day care and his teacher is amazing. And I see how she manages that, and then I'll go to the office and sit in a meeting and think, "Oh my God, I am dealing with the exact same thing!" -Yeah! -The positive thing about being a working mother is that work can be your refuge. It can be tremendously rewarding. I work at marketing, so the creative side of it, I mean, listening to my kids and hearing them explain, you know, what snow is or something weird like that, can lead to all sorts of interesting concept you might be able to bring back to work. -First of all, why do feel like it's important for women to stay in the workforce? -Well, I think women have changed the workforce. I think that women are incredible contributors in terms of communication, in terms of changing the dynamics at work, and I think it's good for women worldwide. I think we need women in the workforce for their intuitiveness, their heart, and the soul that they bring. -I wanna ask kind of a personal question. Have you ever had any mommy moments? Embarrassing mommy moments like in a boardroom, or anything with the Polly Pocket flopping out, or-- -[unk] -No, but calls like, "Hey, Mom! What are you doing? What's happening?" I was like, "I'm in the middle of a meeting right now, can't talk to you." It's like "Oh great, who are you meeting with?" And I'll start talking about, you know, who's in the meeting. And my kids spend a lot of time with me on work activities, so they're like, "Oh, tell Holly, 'Hi!' Tell Suzanne, 'Hi!'" So like, "Okay, gotta go now." -Wow! Okay, It Moms, well whether you work or not, motherhood is a juggling act, but as what we've just heard, it's possible to keep all the balls in the air. -There are endless possibilities that you have as a mom, and you don't have to choose just one. And I think they are great example of that. Bye, It Moms! -Bye, It Moms! -Thank you for watching Parents TV. Our families. Our lives.