Learn a simple technique that will help ease stressed-related aches and pains.

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-Okay we're back with certified massage therapist, Sue Ann Penna, and Sue Ann is gonna show me how to do some self massage techniques to get rid of those tension headaches that I get every single day almost. And by the way, she not only helps animals, but she's also the massage therapist for the New Jersey Nets. Now, I'm not a professional basketball player, but I still need some help with massage. What can I do to get rid of these headaches? -What happens with the tension headache is that it's from overuse, staying in one position too long, and stress. -Right. -So, what we can first start doing as we're sitting on our desk all day long, is to-- -Typing away. Yeah. -Typing away, staring at our computer and sometimes an hour goes by and you haven't even changed position. So, -A long time. -the first important thing to do is some stretching. -Okay. -So, if you stretch your head to side to side, and then ear to shoulder. And then sometimes if you take the opposite hand-- -And hold a little bit. -hold-- give a little extra tug. -Okay. -And each stretch should be held at least for 20 seconds. -Okay. -That can really make a difference. -So, we will do it longer when I'm actually doing it sitting. Okay. -And then, you can take the opposite hand onto the opposite shoulder. -Yes. -And then we're just gonna do small circular motions with fingers and really dig into those nice tight muscles. -There's a knot right there. -If you find anything-- -It'd be great to have someone actually come in to the office and do this, but if you can't this is the next best thing, right? -And you can take the other hand, -Yeah. -right, you're gonna do both side-- -Both sides. -and then we're gonna wanna do the same finger circles all up along-- -It's amazing. -the neck. -The tension you feel in here-- -Yes. -and you don't even realize. -And once you get to the base of the skull, -Okay. -that occipital ridge, you're gonna want to work in small circles-- -along-- Okay. -all the way across. -I typically-- when I get a headache, it's right here across the eyebrows and the eyes. -What may also be going on is that if we're feeling very stressed we may unknowingly be quenching our teeth. So, the other important thing is really even massage into the jaw area. -That's good. -And then into the temples. -Okay, right here. -And then some techniques for those headaches that we feel right above our eyes. -Like a band. Right. -There are some [unk] and trigger points which would be right between the eyebrows-- -Just push in there? -You're just gonna push in there. -Okay. -And then you're just gonna follow along the eyebrow-- -Okay. -until you find a little natural indentation there. -Oh, there it is. Got it. -And you're gonna press on that. -Okay. -And if you do have a headache, this does feel very achy. -I don't right now. Believe it or not, I'm actually starting to feel better and better and better as we're going along. -And these points, once again you're gonna hold for at least 20 seconds, -Okay. -and then release. And it's almost like you can sort of feel the energy release. -And you may even want to try this before the headache actually sets in, right? -Yes, and then a nice way to finish this is to do a head massage, because we do need to increase the circulation here. -Okay. So, we're going to do-- Yeah. -So, once again it's small circular motions over the entire scalp area. -And maybe you can even do this for a friend in the next office and you don't have to do it for yourself. -Yes, they will-- They will appreciate it. -Sue Ann Penna, thank you so much. I feel better already. -Thank you. -All right. Try a little-- -And this little hair tug. -Yeah. Like that. -Thank you for watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives.