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Flying With Kids

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-There's nothing like a trip to a tropical paradise that has something for the entire family. Lots of fun in the sun, Water Park for the kids, a little R&R for mom and dad, don't forget a little romance too. You just can't beat it. The problem is, getting there. Here's what happen when my family headed to Turks and Caicos. Hey, come on in. Just doing a little packing. This was Dylan's and Daniela's first time on a plane and I was pretty nervous about it. I wanted to make sure it was a really good experience for them, so, I packed up a little-- well, a big bag-of-tricks to keep them occupied and happy. I've gotten a lot of advice from friends and family about how to make this trip the best it can be. My sister told me, you can't go without chewable Dramamine because her daughter always gets sick. You want to have an extra outfit. I'm gonna bring some airborne for the kids to take. On takeoff, I don't want their ears to hurt, I have sugar-free gums, so she can chew and my son is a little too young, at three, and I don't want him to chew gums, so I'm bringing some fruit snacks. I have all kinds of animal crackers, we have gold fish. And this is the best thing ever -- portable DVD players, some noodle toys for my son to play with that he hasn't seen before. I think I might need a bigger bag. And we've got books, coloring books, crayons-- The best advice a friend gave me is to make sure my kids were happy and comfortable and then everybody would have a great trip. She was right. So I've got most of their stuff in here, I think I've just about to done with the kids. Now, it's time to start on me. With lots of packing to do and visions of a tropical island dancing in our heads -- okay, I was thinking more like a fruity drink with a little umbrella. None of us got much sleep that night. 4:30 a.m. arrived way too soon and we were off to the airport. We're at the airport now. -Yeah. -Are you excited? Are you excited? We're you gonna checked our bags. We have to get all these bags on to the plane. We have a lot of stuff. At the airport, we're about to leave for Turks and Caicos. We have a little problem with our seats; Dylan was seating with another family but we're trying to work that out, right? You want to sit with us, don't you? Do you want to sit with us? Oh. Okay, a little grumpy. That's what happens when you get up at 5 for tea but its okay. Little did we know that Dylan's seat was the least of our problems. Our plane was delayed for over an hour because of a mechanical problem. Now, we were in danger of missing our connection in Charlotte and that was the last plane of the day for Turks and Caicos. Things were not starting off well but the kids were still in good spirits as they headed up to the cockpit for a little tour. -All buttons up here. Where's my-- -Is it cool guys? -We finally took off and Phil and I got Daniela and Dylan settled for the flight. Poor Daniela, the turbulence really got the best of her. It was too late for some Dramamine but it came in handy on the next flight. -We're trying to make this plane, our connection to get to Turks and Caicos. Keep your fingers crossed. We really want to get there today. We're hoping. -Ladies and gentlemen, at this time we have began our descent into Charlotte, please make sure-- -Luckily, the pilots made up a little time and we landed about 10-minutes before our next flight was scheduled to take off. Then the race was on. Glad you think this is funny because you're heavy. -Fantastic, let's do it. -Make it? -Made it. It's all good. -I still can't believe we made it right before they close the plane door. But Daniela wasn't feeling so hot and did not wanna get in another flight. -How you feeling, honey? Are you okay? -Yeah, she's not feeling good on getting on this plane. -I can get you some medicine, okay, to help you feel better. The big question is did our luggage make it with such a tight turn-around. -I suppose. -The second flight was pretty uneventful. The kids colored, read interactive books and watched some movies. Boy, am I glad that I brought two bags of toys and snacks. Finally, we landed and stepped off the plane into sunny, gorgeous, 85-degree weather. We can almost feel the sand between your toes, and hear the ocean. We were laughing at the shore. Things would really seem to be looking up. Until we found out that our luggage was still back in North Carolina. This was not good. But there was no turning back now. We were in Turks and Caicos and had to head to the resort with or without our luggage. And we're not gonna let it get us down though. We're still gonna enjoy this beautiful resort. I did put a bathing suit into everybody's carry-on. So, we do have bathing suits today and really that's all you need, right? Is a bathing suit and a towel, and some sunscreen. Well, it wasn't easy getting to the next two days until out luggage finally arrived but somehow we managed it. In hindsight though, my advice to all of you would be to bring less toys and snacks in the carry-on and more clothes. But all in all, we did have the time of our lives.