Stroller Fitness

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-Chocolate is the eight wonder. Warm chocolate the ninth. Just seconds in the microwave and indulgence is served. Betty Crocker, Warm Delights, you're just 3 minutes from heaven. -Hi, everybody. I'm Julia Claire, you're watching Parents TV. If you're trying to get back into shape after having a baby but just can't seem to find the time, Stroller Fit, maybe the answer to your fitness. -We're here today in beautiful Central Park in New York City with the President and Director of Fitness for Stroller Fit, Marybeth Knight, and her adorable little daughter, Macy. Hey, there. And she is gonna give us a great experience today teaching us how Stroller Fit works. How are you doing? -Good. Thanks for having us. -All right, so I had a baby three years ago but you're saying it's never too late. -It's never too late. You know, if you never address the changes that pregnancy brings to the body you want to at any point in motherhood. -There are many, many changes. -There are. Okay, so what do you need because I don't have a stroller and a baby with me today but you say we don't need it. -Well, the good news is you don't. You can do this with your child in a stroller and sing songs, engage them, entertain them while you're doing the exercise, but if your children are of older ages you can do them on your own whenever you have free time, most of these exercises all we need is ourselves and our own body weight to get strong. -Tell us a little bit more about how Stroller Fit works. -Well, Stroller Fit is the perfect blend of cardiovascular exercise, strengthening the heart and lungs. So, we will see some resistance bands which are gonna help to strengthen the muscles, build the muscles so we can burn those calories and get rid of that baby weight no matter how long ago you have that baby. -Sounds good to me. Ready to give the go? -I'm ready to go. -Let's do it. Are you ready to exercise Macy? Okay, she says uh-huh. Here we go. Which first? -Let's work the lower body, you know what these are the biggest muscles in our body but burn the most calories so anybody who is looking to get fit, burn a lot of calories, it's worth the clock. Here we go. I'm gonna play, if you could go with Macy, keep her entertained and you can keep her hands right on your hip. -Okay. -Push up through your heels and bring your feet back together. -Peek-a-boo. -Keep your shoulders back over the hips and the chin up, and we're good. Now, we're gonna get our heart rates up by just circling the stroller and doing a little bit of cardio right now. -Okay. -Ready? Macy can you sing Mother [unk]? Here we go. -Here we go. Now one more set of squats this way, ready? -Okay, ready. -Out down and up. Down and up. Good. -And how many sets did you do when you start out? -Well, you know what starting out with the one or two sets is great, working your way to three is optimal. -Okay. All right, we've done legs, what's next? -Well, more legs. -Oh, more legs, okay. -[unk] cardio. -Okay. -So, what we're gonna do is we're gonna job back away from the shoulder and then launch forward, ready? -Yes. -So, here we go. Let's take it on back. I see you, I see you, I see you, I see you right here. -Okay. -Now, out with the left leg, down. -That would be my left over here. -And up. So a single leg activity really strengthening the gluts and the clots and hand strings. Again, let's back it up. I see you, I see you, I see you, I see you. You know what Macy? I'm coming for you. -I'm coming for you. -I'm coming for you. -I'm coming for you. -The [unk] monster is gonna get you. -Oh my God. -Working your way around this tree, a few little side shuffle. -Okay. -And gets them more cardio exercise. -Okay. -Now for moms pushing a stroller, they're gonna use 30 percent more energy which is good news. -So, I should have a stroller and a baby with me. -But even if you don't. -I want a maximum workout. -Even if you don't, you can feel that hear rate going up and your body getting warm. -Yes. -And when that happens you're burning more calories. -Exercise is really important but another thing that's really important after your having a baby is diet and what you put in your body. So, what do you recommend as far as nutrition goes? -Well, moms need a lot of energy so good, clean carbohydrates, you know, getting those carbohydrates from the whole grain, oatmeal, things of that nature that are gonna give you energy, but when you get in those six servings of fruits and vegetables you don't have much for all the bad stuff. -No, you're pretty full. -Pretty full. I also recommend breaking your nutrition up into five meals a day of equal portions so then you're not overeating at night which [unk]. -Small meals. -Small meals, and then we can go do some upper body. -Let's go. -Well, one of our least favorite parts of your body usually is the back side of the upper arm. So, let's sit down on this bench, perfect opportunity to work that triceps. Hands right outside your hips. -Okay. -Now, just walk your hips forward off the bench, perfect, pull your belly to your spine. -Okay. -[unk] drop down and push through the heel of your hand coming back up. -Oh, I feel that. -That is perfect. Right on the back side. -That's good. -Inhale down, exhale up. To make it a little harder, you walk your feet out. -Oh, that makes it harder. -We are gonna do some shoulders and core work at the same time. -Now, where can you get something like this? -You know what a lot of sporting goods, department stores have these, it's just a resistance tube and we have a beginner level because we're reaching way over our head. Now, we're gonna have it a little uneven so the short end underneath the left foot, place your right foot on the tube and the right arm is going up over your head as you dip down to the side. -[unk]. -Working your shoulder, hand are oblique at the same time. -Okay. -Okay. -This is a great thing to get together with your girlfriends, go to the park with the babies, get in some exercising and some girl times. -Perfect. So we need nothing but our own body weight for a push up. -Okay. Perfect. -So, we are actually gonna use the bench, place our hands a little bit wider than our shoulders. -All right. -And take your feet out. Now, drop your hips forward to your body in a straight leg by keeping the chin up, bend the other, bring your chest towards the bench, exhale, press [unk]. Perfect. Inhale down. -It's a little easier than a regular push up. -It is a little bit easier than a regular push up, definitely a friendlier version but it's gonna strengthen the chest, the shoulders, the arms and your core all at the same time. -So, how many times a week should we get out to the park to do this [unk]? -Three times a week you're gonna get good results, see definite changes in your body and in your strength. Three times a week and it's gonna accelerate those results and get in great shape. -But you don't have to do the whole thing each time. -Maybe you come out one day and do legs, and the next day you do upper body. -Well, that is such a good workout. I'm really feeling [unk], you're feeling it? -From head to toe, and everywhere in between. -You feel it everywhere and it's a great way to get outside, spend some time with the kids. -You know what being fit as a family is great for everybody involved. -Thank you so much for showing me these great exercises. -My pleasure. -If you like more information on how to find the Stroller Fit class near you or some diet and exercise tips go to I'm Julia Claire. Thank you so much for watching Parents TV. Let's do some more. -All right. -All right. -Thank you for watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives.