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Restore the Core

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-Hey everybody, I'm Juli Auclair welcome to Parents TV. It's not uncommon for new moms to feel like they will never get their pre-baby bodies back. But don't worry because today fitness expert Marybeth Knight is here to show us how to restore the core, right? -That's right. -And get back into those skinny jeans if you like skinny jeans in the first place. Not everybody does. But the best part about his is that you can do it at home. You'll need not to leave and you can do it with your baby. -That's right. It's great for every stage of motherhood, but especially in those postpartum months when you're trying to reclaim that body and feel good about yourself again, feel like you have control again. That's what restore the core does. -Okay. And how do you come up with restore the core? Tell us about it. -You know what? I've had 2 C-sections in the past 3 years. So, as a fitness professor, as a mom who is struggling with your own body, I went and watch to other C-sections so I could see where the body was at full term and then what happens with the muscles when the baby was out and was born and it was like a light bulb went off and I came up with the way to work the deepest muscles of the abdomen which are also the ones that could stretch out the most during pregnancy. -So that's where you get restore the core so that makes sense. -Exactly. -And you brought your friend, Melanie with you today and Ryan, 15 months old, he's so cute and you're gonna-- they're gonna show us how to do it and I'm gonna get involved too. -That's right. -All right, let's get started. We're gonna come on down to our mat, okay? -The most important thing is to work the deepest layer of the abdomen first. It's called your transverse abdominis. -Okay. -It actually wraps around from the back side of your body all the way to the front. You're gonna feel this really deep. Women love it because they go, "Oh, we haven't felt that muscle in years or months." -I didn't even know I had it. -I know. Let's lay down along the roller on our back. -I have a question for you. -Sure. -I had my baby 3 years ago, is it too late? -It's not too late. My mom's youngest baby is 35 years old and she lost 3 inches. -Oh my gosh! Let's do it. -Okay. -Okay. -What we're gonna do first is put a bulb between our knees and then squeeze our knees towards each other so we're activating the pelvic floor. Now coming in to tabletop position bringing our feet up off the floor, knees in line right over the hip, point the toes towards the wall and now you're in tabletop. -Uh huh. -This is our stabilize position. First, we learn to hold the right position, teach the muscles what their supposed to be doing and then we add movement. So now, let's move on to mobilize. Do a little crunch for me. Lift your head and chin up. -What would I do with my-- -with your fingers down -Okay. -and then release back to the floor. We can inhale, exhale up, the legs are not moving, come on back down. Good. Exhale up. Inhale down. Good. -I do crunches all the time, but these are much harder. -Now, energize. So I'm gonna have you take this ball into this hand. Bring your legs back up in the tabletop position and do a crunch, but take the ball underneath legs and put it into this hand. -Okay. -Okay, ready? So come on up and back down. Yes. Good. Exhale up. Inhale down. So again, adding more movement, challenging the body further, burning more calories and feeling it more. Yes. -Oh, I'm feeling it. My core is being restored. -As long as your legs aren't moving, you're doing it right. One more here ladies. The jab and rest. -This is my favorite part. -The rest. It's well earned rest. -Oh, thank you. -Now, this is a fun one for the babies. We're gonna give them a little ride while we work the back side of the body. -Okay. -So, they're gonna get in position. This one is called bridge. -Okay. -Let's just separate your feet one on the horse, one on the giraffe and head along the roller. Perfect. Place your feet firmly on the floor. Inhale. Exhale. Press the hips up towards the ceiling leaving the mat to have the shoulders down towards the mat. Relax the chin. Relax the space between your eyebrows. -It's mental crunch step. I've got a lift. -Okay. -Inhale down. You're in control. Exhale up. Now, we just hose off the floor. Keep the heels down. You feel that moving to your glutes? -I sure do. -Okay. So this is stabilized. You're learning to do it properly now. Drop the hips down to the floor and exhale come up. This is mobilized. Perfect. -It's a subtle move. It's doing so much. Amazing. -It is doing much. Inhale down. Exhale up. Good. Come all the way down to the mat for me. Now, do me a favor. Put this leg flat on the floor and this leg is gonna go up. We have a big difference in strength between the right and left sides of the body usually. So, we're gonna work them independently. Repeat the same move, single leg bridge and exhale as you drive your hips up using just that right leg. Inhale back down. -I feel my hamstring is firing. -It's right where we want it. -Yup. -You're doing it perfectly. -That's right where you want. -That's right where I want. Exactly. Inhale down. Now, let's quit that foot back down. Now, we're gonna go back to our friend, the ball here. -Uh huh. -And we're gonna place it underneath both feet. -Okay. -It sounds fun, doesn't it? -Yeah, sure, sounds like a blast. -Uh huh. -Both feet on top of that little tiny ball. -Okay. -Now this is gonna surprise you. Draw the navel to the spine. Ready? Push the hips up and hold. -Oh, that's so hard to do. -Good. Exhale up. That ball is making your obliques work to stabilize the torso. Good job. Relax. Give those hamstrings a break. -Okay. -You're doing great. I'm gonna have you roll on to your right side, -Okay. -facing forward. One area that moms usually like to tone back up after pregnancy is the side bodies. We like to get that curve back that seems to be lost after pregnancy. -Right. -Let's see how you move back, align your body up along the roller. -Okay. -Now if somebody doesn't have a mat at home, you know, they can use the edge of a mat or line in the carpet something so that they know the ankles, the knees, the hips and the shoulder all in a nice straight line. -Straight, okay. -Elbow right underneath the shoulder and Melanie is showing us the modified version, which is an easier place to start. It's great for pregnant moms or if you just had a C-section a time to get back in shape. No, I'm gonna ask you to inhale and exhale. Let's flat your feet and lift your hips up off the mat. Stabilizing first. Good. Now, lift your chin up just to touch. Perfect. You feel all that action right down here. -Harder than-- It's very, very hard. -Wooh. Can you hold me up? -Mobilize. -Okay. -Drop the hips towards the mat. Now press them up with an exhale. Good. Inhale down. Exhale up. Perfect. Let's rest for just a second because the next one is gonna get harder. -Oh. Okay. -That was mobile. -I'm ready. I'm ready. -Energize when you come up. You gonna hold the position and we're gonna lift the top legs slightly. -Okay. -Okay. Some day after you do restore the core very well, the leg floats right away. -Oh. It's just simple. -I promise it will happen. Ready? -Let's see if it floats today. -So that's coming of that stabilize position and now you're gonna energize it by lifting that leg and holding. -And you say it's just gonna float. -It's gonna float. It's floating, 3, 2, 1 and back down. -Mine is not floating. -It looks like it was floating to me. You did a great job. -And that's all it matters. Thank you so much Marybeth. That is a fantastic work out. -Right. I'm glad you like it. -And if you like more information about Marybeth's workout, you can check it out at and we would like to hear what you have to say about getting back into shape after having a baby. You can email us with ideas at We will see you next time. One more? -One more. -Okay. Why not? -Two or three more, you're doing so good. -It's not floating. -It will float next week. I promise.