Computer Kids

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-Welcome to Parents TV On Demand. A place for parents to learn, share and develop a healthy family together. Parents TV. Our families, our lives. -Jump right up. -Ready? -And this is a tool for their life. Something they're always going to use. So, much like we were given books and crayons, they're giving a computer to use because it's something we all use every day. We're using our Blackberry, we're using technology as part of our live, so it's something that they're being prepared for. I'm Rita Reynes and I'm the director of the Techno Team-- Techno team at Technology Center for Children and Adults located in New Mexico. I have a Masters in education [unk] Technology. Now-- clicking. Move the mouse down just a little bit, now click. There you go. If it doesn't work the first time, just move the mouse a little bit and click again, it'll work. If you were looking for any kind of problem regardless whether it's technology, sports, gymnastics, ceramics-- anything for your child, the best resource you have are the other parents because from location, location there's different preference and some of them are better, some of them are worst. So, you really wanna ask the other parents in your classes of the schools-- those places are gonna have the best answers. We don't start a child before 3, and at 3, we really do-- wanna make sure that child has the ability and it's not gonna frustrate them. If it's something they don't wanna do, we're not gonna ask them to do it. Those children that have come in and the mother has come in and say-- I want them start right away. And they really don't wanna do it yet, so don't force your child to do something before they're ready, and at the same time at 3, some kids have the skill that's amazing and other kids don't. So, it really varies from child to child. But three would be the earliest [unk]. -Perfect. And now you can start again. Do not stop-- -Our average class now is between 4 and 6 kids for techno talks. We never go over 6 for techno talks because they are between the ages of 3 and 5 and they would need as much time as possible. I do think a group setting is better. We really advocate groups. We don't advocate private for children because they learn from each other as well as from the teacher. And they learn to work together, they learn to be a part of the group and we are a society groups we do things inverse. Sometimes we have assistance that work with us, so if you have a large group with a large group, we have someone else to convince, so there is a teacher in the room and educator in the room as well as an assistant. -You made a plate of it. I love it. You know, you're gonna do 10 now. You're gonna do all the letters of gingerbread. Okay? Those are the letters that you're going to follow, okay? Then they're gonna say them to you but you have to find them under the running puppy dog. Do you think you can do it? Go ahead Sophie. -In the Techno team, we have across platform environment, so we have PCs and Macs. We use the Macs as well as the PC's-- I personally prefer Mac. I find it easier for the children to use with the simply mouse. It's much more user-friendly for them but if a parent is specifically requesting that their child work on a PC, we allow that to happen. Always start the program-- se set it up so that they do some sort of program first, which is academic in nature, so they are working on sequencing order, numbers, letters-- those type of activities between 3 and 5. And then from that, they do or create a project using those concepts. So, whether it'd be adding their letter to typing their letters, writing their letters-- all of that is done. Sophie, you're gonna exit now 'cause you're gonna go into kid [unk]. So I want you to click on the stop sign, okay? The parents leave because if they stay, they turn around and like-- Mom, would you like to see this? Mom, would you like to see this? So, they're constantly wanting to get approval from their parent whether then if the parent leaves, the child is able to concentrate in a work with their peers, and the people. Well, those [unk]. Sure. Go, get orange. You can-- it's your pictures, so you can make it any way you want. All right, so you're finished. What do you get? All right. Go get your piece. Only one. You know, sometimes there is the child who have learned how to use technology and have learned from us, but have learned faster than their parents and it's one of those things parents need to be aware of is that, they need to learn how to use it as well. If their child who passes them, it can be something that they can take a different direction. So, you really want to be learning as well as yourself. These are all yours for today, okay? Can you have a seat on the [unk]? Zoey? There you go. Good job guys. Thanks. -Thank you for watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives.