Learning Centers

After-School Learning Centers

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It may be hard to imagine sending your child to school after they've been at school all day. But an after-school learning center may actually make homework time much less of a hassle. -When I was struggling with him because we were arguing over homework and we'll just clash and, coming here, homework is breeze and it's just helped a lot. It's been worth the money. -Myra Henderson's son, Brady, is making great progress with some one on one attention. Like many kids, he does a better job when his homework helper is not mom. -If it's a short E, what sound does it make? -Desk. -Short E, look at me. Tell me what does a short E say. -E. -Okay. -Desk. -Very good. -At Huntington Learning Center, the focus is on independence. Joy Ann Burger says, after diagnostic testing and a parent meeting, an individual plan is developed for each child, but the goal is always the same. -They need to be able to know how to start their homework, how to get it done by themselves and how to get it back to school. -Going to school, I visit always a lot of kids there and don't [unk] got here. You got, what? 2 hours. So, you can always- everybody push me out and it's good. -Martin Greg's hard work is reflected in her improving SAT scores. -What the colleges look at is those two. -The SAT is never easy, but it's really helpful to be prepared and to know what to expect. -Students never work in groups and the teachers are only responsible for 1 or 2 kids in any time. It's a great way to improve grades and help you keep your sanity. I had a student years ago who said, homework is something you get so that your parents can help you. And that isn't what homework is for. Homework is for reinforcement of what you've learned in a school day. -Most kids will use a learning center anywhere from 6 months to a year, about 3 to 4 hours a week. Now, 50 bucks an hour, it's not cheap. Most parents say it's a small price to pay for success in the classroom. -Thank you for watching Parents TV, our families, our lives.