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Gifts for New Moms

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-This holiday season give the new momma on your list something just for her. -It's really important for new moms to have something that's great for them and helps them pamper themselves, because maybe-- they can be really exhausting, you have a new baby. So, it's nice to take a little time for yourself and get some comfort. -Michelle Madhok, founder and CEO of, is here to show us some great products that will help us do just that. -A nice, luxurious robe and it's the softest robe I've found. It's from Bare Necessities, it's a Ralph Lauren Terry Cloth Robe and this is a great thing for the winter to wear around the house, you can wear it with leggings. It's a bright pink color which will make you feel awake when you don't necessarily feel awake. And it makes nursing easy and baby will love the soft touch of the robe as well. Another option for nursing moms is a super sexy chemise. This one, it floats around the belly, so that you don't have to-- if you haven't gotten back into shape yet, you don't have to show all your secrets. And it has a deep V-neck which will allow you to nurse while you're wearing it. Moms frequently have tired and a puffy eye, that's why we loved this Skyn Iceland Eye Pads, there're 6 treatments in the box. And what they are is they're cooling adhesive eye pads, and you just take them off and sticks them under your eyes and they feel cool to the touch. They-- you just lie down for 10-minutes and they get rid of any puffiness you have and they feel great. And they don't have any parabens or, you know, bad ingredients that you don't want to run yourself or your baby. Okay. So this is the Garnier, eye roller. And it has a B5 in it and caffeine which helps get rid of dark under-eye circles and puffiness. It's great for when moms spent up all night with the baby. It's got a roller on it, so you apply it with a roller which stimulates the circulation and it's a very cooling effect, giving you a nice look, you know, help picks your eyes and make you feel a little more awake. New moms wash their hands a ton and they can get very dry. So we love this Blis Gel Gloves. And what you do is they have-- there's a cream, you put on a hand cream and then you put your hands into these gloves, and they have a gel inside that'll intensifies the moisturizing effect. And you can wear them while you sleep or you can wear them for 10-minutes. It's a really a great way to get some intense moisture really fast. And then, what every mom would love is a spa treatment for when she's tired and just a little me time. I love to give gift cards from SpaFinder, because then she can choose where she wants to go and what treatment she wants to get. And SpaFinder is offering a special during the month of December. They're giving extra services for less amount of money. So, you can get a $100 with the services for $80 when you buy a gift card. -If you don't have money to spend, give the gift of your time. Offer to watch the baby while she takes a nap, runs an errand, or heads out for a date night. To see more great ideas for mom, check out