Melter Swelter

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If you're just tuning in there are some things you need to know. One of us has hands as warm as pan hot flapjacks. It's a curiosity and often quite a show. Many here consider standing back from the melter. The melter, yellow warming swelter. Melter, swelter in our town. One cracking white December day he stepped out to the yard all surprised with widened eyes, it would not have him. There comes a time when you and I may not know what to say. Sometimes being silent is okay. The melter, melter, yellow molten swelter. Melter, swelter in our town. You can rest assured, you see it isn't all so grim. With a shot he's helping out in situations. Life can be about the art of choosing what you melt. Making plans around the hands, you're that. Melter, melter, yellow fellow swelter. Melter, swelter in our town.