Post-Partum Workout

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-Hey, all you moms out there. Whether you had your baby five years ago or five months ago, chances are you may be among those of us who have some residual effects of having a baby. So, I brought in a fitness expert today, that's gonna help us attack three problem areas. Let's work it. This is Sherri McMillan, an internationally-renowned women's expert in fitness. Sherri, I have three problem areas for you today. The arms, the belly, and the back. What's up with the back fats? -Well, actually, that exercise that we're just doing is for the back. So, why don't we get you down trying it? -Okay. -Okay. -Kinda hurts. -In this position, what I'd like you to start with is just tighten your abdominals, let's take your legs a little wider. That helps to release any pressure on your back. And then, what you're gonna do, you're gonna reach your arms out-- like you're gonna be doing almost like a breast stroke. Then your arms come out to the side, extend your spine, and you kinda wanna get the arm-- the hands in the middle, and then back out again. Good. Reach out, and then in, and then together. -Ooh. -And then push out. -Okay, then. This is for the back and for the arms. -You get the back, you get arms, you get your core. It's really great for extending the spine, which is important. And you know, especially if you are a new mom, in that it will help to elongate your spine and counteract all those forces that you are in in sort of a forward slouch position all day. You know, feeding your baby, carrying your baby, holding your baby. Okay. So now, why don't we work on your chest, your shoulders, and your triceps? Can you get back into the same position you're just in? -Okay. -And everyone loves push-ups, right? Because they're just so-- love hate. -Yes. -They're just such an effective exercise for the upper body. So, what I'd like you to do is up on your knees. So, we'll do knee push-ups. Have your hands in a position where you're gonna be doing a standard push-up. -Okay. Looks plain. -Yup. Good. Now, what you're gonna do-- Yeah. Exactly. -Okay. -And what you're gonna do is you're gonna slowly bend your elbows and allow the disk to slide out wide into the side. You're going to inhale as you release. Good. Inhale, and then a lot amount of force, exhale as you push up. -Oh, my God. -Beautiful. -I'm shaking 'cause my arms are so weak. So, we're gonna work on our core and the belly. -Yes. -Right? Okay. Work it girl. -So, what I want you to do is really concentrate in pulling your stomach away from my hand right here. -Okay. -And at the same time, you're just going to stabilize your low back so there's gonna be no movement through your ribs, your hips or your low back. -Okay. -And what we'll have you do is just slide one leg out, straighten it out. Good. And then back in. -Okay. -And now, the other side. -Okay. -Straighten back like out. Now, the whole time, try not to move your core. Suck in your stomach and wait for my hand. No movement for the low back. -How long do you give yourself to suck your guts back in after pregnancy? -Oh. Usually, I tell women, you know, it took you nine months to stretch out the muscles, then have an atrophy. At least give yourself nine months to really see that sort of pre-pregnancy level of conditioning in the core. -There's a sense of determination that you have to get to make a change in your life. So, make a promise to yourself, keep it. You'll be a better mom for it. Bye. -Absolutely. -Thank you so much. -Thank you for watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives.