Fun Under $5

Family Fun Under $5

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-Hey, It Moms. Do you ever leave the house with the troops with all good intentions? You're just killing the time but you come back with a lighter wallet? We've got all the kids today and Marnie and I are gonna see if we can have and entertain everybody for under $5. This can be a challenge. Of course our first stop is a city park, but if you're gonna go to a park, try one that you haven't been to before. It's like on a play date when you go to somebody else's houses, so you have all new toys, a little bit funnier than to stay at home with your own toys. -Right. She has never sat in a tire before. -[unk], there's a lot of things to look at. -Hey, Emily. How are you doing? See, we haven't even spent a dollar. -We're having a [unk]. -So, we make up until we work it out. -Just go, just the money bar. -I don't think mom could support her body weight with just her arms. Rip them out of the socket. -I think we're losing them. -All right. Next stop. -Something. -Let's walk. -And another great place to check out of course is the library because it's free and there's always something in there for everybody. -This is one of our favorite places. -Do you want me to read this to you? -[unk] a person who can share feelings and ideals? -Oh, I like this, "When people from different countries help care, share and listen to one another it's called peace. It was fall, the trees were down and there Dave Jones, the winds howled, the leaves crackled and Piggy [unk]." -[unk]. -Is this about what? -[unk]. -I guess they had a fall, that hurts. -Tap, tap, tap. Her eyes were wide open now. On the window shade, Piggy saw long, bony fingers that went tap, tap, tap. Like she's lulling me to sleep. -I'm sure she is. -[unk]. -Hey, Julia and [unk] are in alphabetical order. Are they hard catalogue? -And [unk], do you want to go check out that book? -[unk]. -And the great thing about going to a public library is that kids can check out their own books. They make it so easy, not to mention that their story times and a lot of cultural newspapers that you can get here too. -I'm sure that the [unk] right here was, [unk]. There you go, item check, go, and then you take your book, remove the card and a receipt is going to print out right there. All then, simple as that. Now, all we need to do is remember to turn it in on time. -We've been having fun for hours and we haven't spent a dime. This $5 is burning a hole in my pocket. -I think we should go get some treats for the kids. -I think so too. -Impressed? -[unk] a little catch. -We didn't think that $5 is gonna make a long [unk]. Be It Moms, you can have a fun afternoon and not break the bank. -All you need is a bunch of kids, a friend by bus. -Right. -Bye It Moms. -Bye It Moms. Get creative. -Thank you for watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives.