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Mistakes Moms Make

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-This Moms Minicast is being brought to you by Frosted Mini-Wheats Cereal. Keeps them full, keeps them focused. -Moms, you should all give yourselves a pat on the back. You deserve it. Most often, moms are making the right choices for their kids when it comes to healthy eating. But even the smartest moms do make mistakes. And joining us for today's Moms Minicast is Parents Magazine health and psychology editor, Diane Debrovner. And she's gonna tell us the three mistakes that most moms make. So, Diane, mothers don't always know best. -Moms have the best intentions, but sometimes, we all need to sit back and reevaluate whether the strategies we're using are really the most successful ones. -All right. Tell us what the first mistake is. -The first mistake is not letting kids have a choice. Lots of moms are trying to avoid being short-order cooks and preparing whatever their kids want, whenever they wanted it. And sort of in response to that, they're saying, "Okay. This is what's on the menu." But no matter how old your kids are, they wanna have some say over what they're choosing. And they are gonna be more likely to eat when they have control over the situation. So, you wanna give them limited choices. -So bottom line, give them some input. -They are more likely to choose healthier foods when they have some control over the situation. So, it's also a good idea to take them shopping with you and get them involved from the beginning of the process, so they can help plan the menu for the week. -Okay. That's mistake number one. What's mistake number two? -Mistake number two is not reintroducing foods. A lot of times, picky eaters have parents who have sort of given up on a particular food because they assume that their child doesn't like it. But research has actually shown that sometimes, kids need to try a food ten times before they start to like it. And so, try to get your child to just take one bite, and just keep reintroducing it in a low-key way. -Okay. So, give choices, be persistent. And what's next? What's number three? -The third mistake is not letting your kids have special snacks. The best thing is really to make a food neutral, and not have certain foods that are good foods and certain foods that are bad foods. Because if you forbid a certain food in your house, your child is just gonna want it even more. So obviously, most of the foods that you're serving should be healthy ones. But it's really fine to let your kids have a special treat every now and then. -Okay. So the bottom line, give them choices, be persistent, and allow them to have some special gimme snacks now and then. -Right. -All right. Diane Debrovner from Parents Magazine. Thank you so much for coming in and giving us this good advice for our Moms Minicast. -Thank you. -Keep watching Parents TV for more Moms Minicasts, brought to you by Frosted Mini-Wheats Cereal. Keeps them full, keeps them focused.