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-Whether you use an infant bathtub or the kitchen sink, bath time for you and your baby is another opportunity for you to bond and create a natural and safe feeling for your baby. And there are some steps that will make your baby's bath time safe, gentle, and effective. First, you wanna make sure you have some clean washcloths available like this one and a gentle yet effective bath wash. You have this right here and you wanna make sure you have a towel within easy reach because you never wanna have to leave your baby unattended. Also, check to make sure that the temperature of the water is nice and warm, but not too hot. It's also important that the temperature of the room whether bathroom or kitchen is also nice and warm for the baby. Take extra care in how you hold your baby once she is in the bathtub. You wanna use one arm for the baby and have the other free so that you can grab things. And use a baby wash with a no more tears formula that's gentle enough not to harm your baby's skin and it won't irritate you baby's beautiful eyes. Gently place some of the baby wash right on to the washcloth there and be sure when you're washing the baby that you get nice and under folds, all their beautiful little chins so you can clean away all the dirt and grime of the day. Then after you've rinsed her off, you wanna wrap her in a soft towel that's right here. Do it nice and quickly so she won't get cold. There. There we go. Does that feel nice? I'm gonna cover up your head with a towel so you don't get cold. Nice and snug in there. Dry your hair off. Okay. Now, there's a time when a full bath is not possible. You can always use disposable washcloth that has the baby cleanser built right in. Bath time should always be an enjoyable experience that brings you and your baby closer together. Be sure to take extra care when bathing your baby. Always have one hand on the baby and never turn your attention away. -Joining me now is nationally renowned parenting expert and pediatrician, Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg. Thanks so much for being with us, doctor. -Thanks for having me today. -Now, you are a pediatric consultant for Johnson's. -Uh-huh. -You've also written this great book for parents. It's called Good Kids, Bad Habits: The RealAge Guide to Raising Healthy Children. The idea that our habits good and bad start when we're very young. -They do. They continue with us through our adult life. We wanna break those bad habits early and get those good ones going to have healthy kids as they grow into adulthood. -Right when you bring 'em home from the hospital. -Right that time. -One of the things you are concerned about, I think, as a new mom when you bring baby from the hospital is how do you give them a bath and when do you do that. Let's start with that. When is it safe to actually start giving your baby a bath? -Well, it is okay actually to give your baby a bath right from the start when you first bring them home unless of course you baby has had a circumcision and you do wanna wait for that to heal about a week or so then after that feel free to give your baby a bath, but not necessarily to do every single day. You can just clean them from head to toe as well. Now, if you're not giving them a bath when they're fully immersed in water and you're just doing, say, the sponge bath. -Uh-huh. -How do you do that and what should you use? -Oh, there's a few different ways of doing that. So, a sponge bath you can do with a sponge or washcloth and you wanna importantly use a gentle cleanser, something like Johnson's Head to Toe baby wash where it's really is as pure and gentle as water to their eyes. So, it won't burn our heart when they're in the water and you're bathing them. -Even when they're just a few days old it's okay to use that. -It's totally okay. Now, when moms are on the go, there's actually a new product where they actually have washcloths that come with the cleanser built in. -This is great. This is Johnson's Head to Toe washcloth and it has the cleanser, as you said, built right in. So, this way, you just need to run it under water. You can be holding the baby with one hand and at the same time cleaning the baby. You can get into all those crevices from behind their ears and especially their necks. You have to remember that. And their folds and their diaper area too to keep them clean. It's really easy to do. -Great to travel with it or just keep in diaper bag for emergencies. -Exactly. You can always have it with you.