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Heal Cough & Colds

Get easy remedies for these annoying symptoms.

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-Chocolate is the 8th wonder, warm chocolate in the night, just seconds in the microwave and indulgence is served. Betty Crocker Warm Delights, you're just 3 minutes from heaven. Hi everyone, I'm Juli Auclair, you're watching Parents TV. When your kids are sick, you'll try anything to help them fell better. Well, many of us run to the drug store at the first sign of a sniffle. Sometimes, old fashioned home remedies are more effective. The best thing, they hardly ever have side effects. Joining us now to tell us what you've got around the house that's good for colic, bug bites, nosebleeds, and a whole lot more is Parent's Magazine Health and Psychology editor Diane Debrovner. It's great to see you. -Hi Juli. -Thanks for coming in. -My pleasure. -So we use a lot of these home remedies, but the doctors actually recommend them. -Surprisingly, they really do, and the ones that we're gonna talk about today are the ones that doctors really use themselves with their own families and recommend to their patients for a variety of reasons. You mentioned that they are cost effective and they really don't have side effects, and in a lot of cases, they use things you have around the house and don't need to ran out to get and they can fix a quick situation. -Alright, lets start with cough, because now that the Food and Drug Administration has banned cough syrup for children under 2, I think a lot of parents are wondering what do I give my kids when they are sick? -The American Academy of Pediatrics actually discourages cough and cold medicines for kids under 6. -Right. -So really do want to look to some alternatives and a great one is actually honey and lemon, and there was actually a study recently that shows that a teaspoon of honey was more effective than cough medicine. -Really? -In soothing a cough. The lemon dries up congestion, which contributes to cough and honey really just sort of soothes the lining of the throat, and so what you wanna do is just take a table spoon of each, mix them together, and put them in the microwave for 30 seconds so that its warm, but not hot and then you just can spoon it to your child a teaspoon at a time. The only caution is no honey for children who are under 1. -Right. -It's not indicated for babies---- Oh, I mean its not safe for babies. -Okay, so it's safe and effective, which is fantastic. Alright, let's talk about---- I know lemon can be good for congestion. -Uh huh. -But also contact lens solution, who know? But they did not say it. -This is a really popular new trend, its called nasal washing. And the theory is---- it serves a couple of reason, if your baby or young child has a stuffy nose, there's not a lot you can do and the bulb syringe is not always very effective. So, you can fill a bulb syringe with saline solution and literally just squeeze it into 1 nostril at a time and it helps release the mucous that's clogged up in there, but there also has been a study that doing this when your child has a cold can get---- make the cold go away faster and prevent a cold from coming back, but there is just a lot of foreign stuff in your nose. Well, there is allergens or germs or dust and cleaning it out is a surprisingly good thing. -Let's get it all out. -Okay. -Okay, let's talk about tummy aches, neck pain, and basically any aches and pains that your child might have. -Tell us how your socks and rice work here? -This is basically a do-it-yourself heating pad. You can take a sock, filled it dry rice, and stick it in the microwave for a minute until it is arm and just put it anywhere because it's so malleable. You can put in your neck, in your tummy, and when it starts to cool off, just stick it in the microwave again and reheat it. -Great idea and very inexpensive too. -[unk]. -Okay, cucumbers. I've heard of women putting cucumbers on their eyes for puffy eyes. -They do that when you have---- you know a facial at a fancy spa and the reality is that the cucumber reduces heat and swelling in your skin, so you can take a cool slice from the refrigerator and put it anywhere, where your child has a swelling. You know, whether it's their face or their ankle, and when it starts to warm up, then you just pick another slice from the fridge. -What a great idea. Okay, lets talk about warts now because I had no idea duct tape could be effective. -Warts are little things that are just surprisingly stubborn and doctors have found that putting a small piece of this gray duct tape on the wart somehow just irritates it and makes it more likely to breakup and go away. It's just a little to tiny, just kind leave it there for a while until it starts to get kind of yucky and then you replace it with another [unk]. -Okay good to know. Now, I had heard when you had a nosebleed that the best thing that you could do---- really the only thing was to sort of pinch it, or to keep your head back, breathe through your mouth, is that right? There's something in your spice cabinet that works. -Cayenne pepper helps blood clot and that's actually been used by cultures all around the wold and you would think that because its spicy, that they would sting, but what you wanna do is that you suggested to hold your child nostrils close for a few minutes and then you wanna take a moist cotton swab and put a tiny bit of cayenne pepper and just stick it on the inside of the nose where the bleeding is happening and it does not sting, it really does help the bleeding stop faster. -I thought it would make you sneeze, but if you know---- and it does not burn right? -No. -Well that's a great idea. Okay good to know. The hair drier here for swimmer's ear. You don't need droops? -Swimmers ear is an infection in the outer ear that happens when water gets trapped often when you swim in the lake afterwards. -Uh huh. -The outer ear hurts a lot. If you have a serious bacterial infection, your doctor will recommend that you take antibiotics eardrops, but if it's a sort of borderline case or if you tend to have this often after swimming, you can just use water warm, not hot, about as foot away from your child's ears, just to help evacuate the water to prevent the problem. -At some point, you may need to call the doctor though. -If the pain is bad you definitely need to call your doctor. -Okay and that happens if you touch the earlobe and it hurts---- -Uh huh. -and its just much more painful different sensation than a middle ear infection just what we typically think of as an ear infections that outer ear also a different type of bacterial ear infection. -Okay, now indigestion gum for that. -Kids over 4 who were able to chew and not swallow. When you have a big meal, you just have indigestion. Gum produces more saliva and that counter acts the excess stomach acid, which is also a problem with indigestion that's a really easy cure of indigestion for kids and adults. -Okay let's talk about colic now. I had no idea you could give a baby tea. -You can give small quantities of camomile tea which have no caffeine. You can steep it for about 4 to 5 minutes and have a few warm not hot of 1 to 2 ounces in a bottle. It just helps calm intestinal muscles, which maybe spasming in a child who has colic and just helps relax them. You don't wanna give more than 1 to 2 ounces at a time with 4 ounces total daily to make sure they have enough room for something like breast milk or formula which is [unk]. -Okay, now when we were kids and we were upset or anxious, I think our mom is probably start breathing through a paper bags, but there is a---- you have a great idea here, bubbles. -Breathing in and out slowly we know helps just sort of settle down your stress level and blowing bubbles with a long slow stream of bubbles. It's a really simple way for kids to focus on the activity and accomplish that slow deep breathing at the same time and it just kinda suits them and it's fun?. -It's a great idea. -[unk] -Okay, bee stings or bug bites. Let's start with bee stings. -For the bee stings, you wanna get the---- if you can see the stinger in your child's skin, you wanna remove it as soon as possible because it can prevent more venom from seeping into the skin, which increases the reaction. So, you wanna take a credit card is actually the best thing. To you just use it to gently scrape against the stinger and that helps it popped out. -Okay so you just scraping back and forth, like that. -Right. -Okay and the baking soda for the bug bite. -And for the bug bite, if you mix about a teaspoon of baking soda with a little water to make a thick paste and put in on the bug bites, it really helps reduce the itching. -Okay, Diane Debrovner thank you so much. We appreciate your coming in. great home remedies. We hope to see you again very soon. -Thank you. -Alright and we want to hear your ideas and questions you can email us at . Thanks for watching Parents TV, your source for the best information for your growing family. -Thank you for watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives.