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Get expert tips on looking fabulous while you're pregnant.

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-Hi, everybody. I'm Julie O'Claire and you're watching Parents TV. Now, if you're expecting, you may wanna consider changing your beauty routine to keep your baby safe. And joining us now to tell us what's safe and what we should avoid during pregnancy is the author of What to Expect When You're Expecting, Heidi Murkoff. It's so good to see you. -It's great to see you. -Yeah. First, congrats on your fourth edition. -Thank you. -That is fantastic. -I'm very excited. -In your book, -Yes. -you call pregnancy a "radical, full-body transformation." And it really is because-- -Yeah, because people talk about the glow of pregnancy. -Yeah. -And some glow but-- -Everything changes. -everything changes and yeah, you can have attack of the seventh grade acne. -Yeah. So let's talk about what products you're okay and what to stay away from, -Yeah. -and some things that change. First of all, hair. What happens to your hair during pregnancy? -Well, first of all, it doesn't fall out. -Well, that's good. -That is good. That's the good news. -Okay. -And it gets thicker, generally, because you're not shedding every day. -Uh huh. -And that's as good news as-- Well, first of all, postpartum, you're gonna shed all those hairs that you saved up and didn't shed during pregnancy. -Women talk about it coming out in clumps. -Uh huh. -Oh my goodness. -Yes. So every benefit has its drawback. -Right. Okay. -In this case-- It comes postpartum, the [unk]. -Okay. Staying with hair, a lot of women wonder, "Can I color it? Can I highlight it? Can I get a perm?" -Yeah. -And is-- are there certain times that are safe during pregnancy to do these things? -You know, you gotta get the green light from your practitioner before you go for those highlights-- -Right. Right. -or any coloring actually, for that matter. A lot will say it's fine after the first trimester, some will say all the way through, some will say don't go there if you don't have to, some will say stick to highlights 'cause actually then the chemicals don't really touch the-- -The skin. -the scalp. -Okay. -Some will say, well, try a more natural product. So it kind of varies, but if you hate that gray, there's probably some way to wash it away. -Okay. And still be safe. -You-- don't necessarily have to go back to your roots just 'cause you're pregnant. -Okay. -Yeah. -Which is good. -Uh huh. -A lot of them are gonna be happy to hear that. -Yeah. -Now, I think that women love the fact-- as you said that the hair gets nice and full-- -Yeah. -but it also grows in places that we don't necessarily want it. -Yeah. Pregnancy can be a hairy situation. -Yeah. -Yes. And in places, you know, you didn't know that hair could grow on a woman. -Really? -Yes. -Oh my goodness. -And that could be on your face, under your chin. -Okay. -So chin up, if you dare. -Right. Right. -But you can also-- it shows up often on your belly. People get the fuzzy belly. -Anything you can do to remove it that's safe? -Oh yeah. -Okay. -Well, first of all-- of course, you can shave. -Sure. -But try doing that nine months pregnant-- -Not so easy to balance. -No. It-- No. You can wax. -Okay. -Just keep in mind that you-- your skin is super, super, super sensitive when you're pregnant so tell anyone who's doing some waxing on you to be super, super careful-- -Okay. -and gentle. -Okay. -You can even do Brazilian as long as they're gentle about it. -All right. -And stay away from bleaching, -If you dare-- -lasers-- Yeah, exactly. -No bleaching. No lasers. -Yeah. But plucking, shaving, waxing, the usual suspects are fine. -All good. Okay. -Yeah. -How about tanning? Self tanners, tanning booths, trip to the beach, okay? -Tanning booth's not so hot-- or actually, they are so hot and that's why you need to stay out of them-- for a couple of reasons. First of all, they'll overheat you and that's not good when you're pregnant. -Right. -And second of all, you should stay out of the sun anyway when you're expecting 'cause you tend to get those blotches. -Right. -Very good reason to wear sunscreen throughout your pregnancy 'cause a lot of women end up with these splotches all over their bodies if they got out in the sun and sometimes even if they don't. And your freckles will get darker, it won't be pretty. Trust me. Sunless tanner, again, ask your practitioner. Probably okay but again, try applying that gracefully-- -Right. -or evenly when you got a big belly in the way. So it-- maybe to stay a little pale. -Bottom line is skin is sensitive [unk] so just be very careful. -It can be blotchy. It can be itchy. It can be dry. It can be bumpy. It can be broken out. It can be all kinds of things. It can also look great. It can glow. -What do you do? -Well, you-- Again, check with your practitioner. -Uh huh. -I hate to keep saying that but it's what you gotta do-- -Right. -because certain products [unk] will probably won't be in the clear. So a lot of products that you used since seventh grade, you may not be able to use right now. -Okay. -Fruit assets are fine and, you know, the same thing goes for wrinkles. You've got to check before you apply. Certainly, anything with retinols in it is off the menu, salon menu for now. -The botox. -Yeah. You know, I know you've got a lot to smile about but-- -You know that-- -I know. Keep those smile lines and those laugh lines. -There's good news here though. As you puff up, -Yeah. -which pregnant women tend to do, the wrinkles will be less noticeable. -So yeah. No to the botox. No to the collagen. No to the lasers. I hate to be such a naysayer-- -That's what they say. -but maybe we want healthy babies. -You know, it's better-- It's not like there's any evidence that any of this is harmful. It's just to-- just to play it safe. How about nails? I really hope that manicures and pedicures are okay because-- -Oh yeah. -we need that. -Oh. -When you're pregnant, you need it too because-- -You need it more than ever. -Yeah. -You need that beauty boost. -And here's the thing about nails when you're pregnant. Like your hair, they're really well-nourished by pregnancy hormones. -And so they might grow faster than you can actually book those appointments. -Right. -Just make sure when you go get your mani-padi-- -Uh huh. -that you use-- are in a ventilated area. You know, acrylics have that really strong smell, plus they can be sort of a nail bed for infection so acrylics-- -What-- -so you might-- you don't probably need them when you're pregnant 'cause your nails are so long anyway. But definitely, polish is fine, manicures, pedicures. -When you're getting a pedicure though, make sure the peducirist knows that-- to stay away from certain areas on your foot that might trigger contractions theoretically. -Is that a-- -There are certain pressure points on the ankle and-- -Okay. -[unk] foot. So no foot massage is probably a good idea unless she knows where to massage and what not to massage. And same to-- same to massages, in general, make sure that if you go for a massage which every pregnant woman needs-- -Right. -and it's great for that aching back, make sure that the massage therapist is familiar with pregnancy and the special needs of pregnant women, and knows where to stay away so you get rubbed the right way. -Well, you are just a wealth of information. -I-- -Thank you so much-- -Thank you. -for coming in. -It was a pleasure. -I really appreciate having you. So nice to meet you. And the fourth edition of Heidi's book, What to Expect When You're Expecting, is in bookstores now. And we wanna hear your ideas and questions. You can email us at Thanks for watching Parents TV, your source for the best information for your growing family. -Thank you for watching Parents TV. Our families, our lives.