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-Thanks for watching the Welcome Home Baby Channel on Parents. TV presented by State Farm Insurance. As every new mom knows, there are a few more important things in childproofing your home. And as one mom is about to learn childproofing is not a one-time event. -Safety is very important to my family and wanna know that my home is safe. My name is Tanya and I'm a working mom and my son, Justin, who's 3 years old. And Justin is like every toddler boy. He's constantly climbing. He's curious. He'll open doors. He'll climb under tables. I'm excited today because James Hirtenstein is here. He's a baby-proofing and childproofing expert. -My name is James Hirtenstein. I've been a child safety expert since 1996. When the child starts to roll over, when they start to get a little movement, that's when parents starts to realize, hey this child's gonna be running around this house soon. I better take a real hard look on how to make it safe. And you really need to keep evaluating your house on a constant basis. I'm here to help Tanya to make her house safe for Justin. -So, this is the living room. We spend a lot of time in here and Justin is constantly on the sofa. We play a lot on this table. So, I'm sure that there is some room for improvement. -Absolutely. As I take even a quick glance around the room, I see a number of situations that concern me. -Right. -First thing, this TV. From the naked eye, it looks very safe. It looks sturdy, but do yourself a favor. Put a little pressure on this and you see how it bounces back and forth. This is very top heavy, yeah. So, what we do is we anchor this to the wall. -Okay. -It's something that you all need to notice, but you all have that peace of mind knowing, A, that the TV is not gonna come down. -Okay. Good. -All right. So, and some other things that I see immediately- right here, it's this table, and you mentioned Justin loves to play around here. -Uh-huh. -So, look at these sharp edges. You have glass and you have a nice, sharp corner. So, what we do is I just- great little corner cushion I just fix on right like that. -Oh, perfect. -Yeah. And, basically, we put that on all 4 corners. -Right. -And this table is now safe for Justin. -Oh, good. -Tanya, this lamp right here is a major hazard. As you can see, this is very unstable- -Uh-huh. -And it's very heavy. -Knowing Justin, he'll probably climb it. -So much like your TV, we anchor this to the wall. It's not dangerous anymore. -Right. -And you're good to go. Let's take a look at some of the other [unk]. -Okay. -I love the fact that you have this cage at the entrance to your kitchen. -Yeah, this has been up since Justin was crawling, pretty much. -Which is terrific because, now, he's able to move around and even get away from you for even a couple of seconds. -Right. -This gate is gonna really give you that extra peace of mind that you're gonna need. I love the fact that you have it up. When I come in to your kitchen, the first thing I like to do is latch up all the cabinets below the [unk]. -Okay. So, here, latched. -Very nice. I see how that place- -He hasn't figured out pushing the button opens the door. -That's true. And my next question is gonna be, do you have a fire extinguisher? -I do right here. -And that makes me very happy. The one thing that does concern me is the fact that this fire extinguisher is hidden away. -Oh. -Let's say, if you have somebody here watching Justin and they didn't know that that fire extinguisher was in there- -Oh, okay. -It's now hidden. This needs to be [unk] view or anybody who is [unk] and find it and put it to good use. -Okay. -But I love the fact that you have it. -Good. -The stove, so dangerous. I see here that we have a few things in place that I love. The stove knob covers are terrific. This, obviously, will help prevent Justin from turning the gas on- -Uh-huh. -Which, again, is so important. And also, I see here, this incredible splash guard here. Justin's in an age now where he wants to be with you in the kitchen while you're cooking. -Yes, he does. -This is a great device because what it'll do, it prevents any splashing of any oil or grease that you're cooking- -Great. -From reaching him. Tanya, I love the loop lock on the refrigerator. Kids really should be kept out. It's an area that has a lot of dangers. If you wanna keep them out of it, this is gonna work great. Above, those great spring with these plates. -Yeah. -I noticed that you've actually changed all the [unk] around your house. -Right. -The ones that are adjusted to his level. The reason I changed that [unk] plate is because Justin is now in an age where he can pull a chair over. He can now reach that outlet. -Right. -So, it's really important to now reevaluate your baby-proofing and see what he could get into at this time [unk]. -James, thank you so much for today. I feel a lot better. -My pleasure. -The most important thing I learned is that I do need to reevaluate more often the safety cautions in my house. So, if Justin grows and he gets more and more active, I need to pay attention to the things that he's getting into. -Tada! -Great advice. But remember, every home is different. So, always check with an expert when childproofing a home. 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