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-Hi everybody, I'm Juli Auclair. Part of your child's success in school depends on your relationship with the teacher. Well, joining us now is from Parents Magazine with some tips that'll take you straight to the head of the class. Thanks so much for coming in. -Thanks for having me. -So we all wanna build a good relationship with our child's teacher, but sometimes it's hard to figure out exactly what to do. You say coming to the classroom with questions, but not too many. How do we balance that out? How do you know how many is just the right amount? -Right. You wanna come in with a few questions about your child's year and how everything is gonna go, but you don't wanna come in with a preconceived notion of what they should learn, when they should learn it and how they should learn it, that's the teacher's job. So when you come in the first day, be really positive and opened and ask any questions that you have, but try to put a positive spin on them at all times. -But you also wanna make sure to respect the teacher's authority, which is gonna help you a relationship with the teacher, but it's also a really good lesson for your child too. How do you mean? -It's really important to respect the teacher. You never wanna come in and say, "Why are you teaching my child this, why are they sitting this way." You don't wanna question the way she runs her classroom. If you don't respect to rules, your kids not gonna respect to rules. So it's really important to set an example and go follow through with everything that the teacher asked of you and try to reinforce those rules at home with your child. -And then if you have an issue later on the year, you bring that up separately? -Right! If you have an issue, you can just schedule a parent-teacher conference and talk about it in private. -Okay, so keeping open the lines of communication, you say that's really important---- -Uh huh. -what do you mean by that exactly? -It's really important to stay in touch with the teacher at all times. You wanna kind of have a hands-on relationship and be really available. If she has a problem with your child, you wanna be there to respond to it. If she needs a favor you wanna be there. you wanna have this, you know, balance of a relationship where you each give and take from each other. -Okay. And finally you say, "Play well with other," that's something I tell my children. We all tell our kids, but how is that apply to the parent-teacher relationship? -It's just all about having this really nice friendly relationship with the teacher. You wanna volunteer in the classroom and get involved with the other children and the other parents. And the better relationship you have with everyone in the classroom, the better you---- your child is going to have. -Okay, so keep the lines of communication open and make sure questions, but not too many. -Right. -Alright, Janna, thank you so much, great advice, and if you would like more back-to-school information, you can check out the September issue of Parents Magazine. We would like to hear what you think also, so just send an e-mail to We'll see you next time.