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Home Lighting Kit

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-Hi, there. You're watching Parents TV. I'm professional photographer Erin Manning, and I'm here today to show you how to take beautiful pictures at the comfort of your own home using the Home Studio Lighting Kit. I'm joined today by Rebecca Levey. -Hi, Erin. -Hey Rebecca. And we'll be taking pictures of Rebecca's daughters, 7 year-old twins, Isabelle and Sophia. So Rebecca, let me ask you, are there good days and bad days to take photographs at home? -Definitely, especially with two. -Oh my God, that could be challenging. -Yeah. -What we're gonna do today is work with the Home Studio Lighting Kit. Have you ever used a kit like this before? -Never. -It's pretty easy. Once we do it and then we'll start taking photographs. -Sounds good. -Now, this collapsible. Okay, in inside the softbox we have our continuous source light socket. This is a fluorescent lamp, it gives really beautiful, clean, white light and they're cool to the touch. So that you're-- -So, that's interesting. I always thought fluorescent light gave a, sort of,--No. --that yellowy-green, weird-- chasty look. -They used to. Right. Fluorescent lights and offices and things. These are-- -Right, like in a pizza parlor. -Right. These are daylight balance which means that beautiful clean light, just like the window light over there. -Okay, great. -So, mix really well with that. And what's great about these lights is that they draw very little energy, so you don't have to worry about zapping out the electricity in your home. -Right. -HI. -Hi. -We're going to take some pictures of you in front of your doll house. Okay? And what we're gonna do, Rebecca, is gonna set up the lights here, lighting them evenly from both sides. So, we have both softboxes, pretty much aligned evenly and kind of point-- pointing at them at an angle. So this way, we can evenly light them. It's also nice to always give kids something to do because that gets their attention to what they are playing with. -Right. -And you can capture some natural expressions. -Okay. -And every once in a while we can ask them to turn around, get a shot, making go back to what they are doing. Sophia, can you turn around? Nice. Maybe move her that way, just a little bit. Isabelle, could you turn around please? Oh, beautiful. Pretty. -Okay. -You might try coming over and getting some different shots from different angles. -Okay. -Like right now, I'm lighting up Isabelle's face. Let's take some close-up shots and really get it in and look at their eyes and we'll be able to light them. -Right. -Pretty closely with the softboxes. -Giggle. -Hold it-- hold the doll real close to your face. If you can zoom in like really close on her face. These are great. You know, that's really great, Rebecca, when you get down on a child's level, it creates a much more impactful photograph. So, that's excellent. Good thing to think about, whenever you're taking photographs; take them from all different angles but especially when children are playing. -Oh, cute. Look at me. -Now, let's try it with the lights off so you can see the difference. -Great. -Okay? -Okay. -And ready? You captured some great shots. Rebecca, thank you so much. -Thank you, Erin. -For letting us come in to show you how to use our Home Studio Lighting Kit. You did a great job. -It was great. It was really easy. Thank you so much. -You're welcome. That's it moms and dads, if you want to find out more about this great lighting kit, check out