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Wed, 22 Aug 2012|

-Hi, everybody. I'm Kim Benson. Well, there's a lot of buzz about how to look fashionable when you're pregnant. But how often do we talk about what to wear post partum? I'm a mother of 4 and if you're anything like me, you may have been living in your sweat pants in your husband's old clothes. So, what's a new Mom to wear? Well, here to help us out today is Debbie Wright. She's a wardrobe consultant from Project Closet. So today, we've got a new project. We've got young Moms who are trying to look snazzy in a new kind of pant. -Absolutely. And they've entering into a chapter of their life that's very casual. So, what I like to always speak to is the fact that you can be fashionable but wear a functional clothing. And this is Activewear that's great for any Mom, but she still doesn't sacrifice great style. -That's great. Well, first, we've got Doreen here, and Doreen is a Mom of two. And-- hi there Doreen. -Hello. -You look absolutely beautiful today. -Thank you. -Do you wear color a lot? Because this color is gorgeous on you. -I do. I love colors. -So, what is to add Doreen to have on? -Doreen is wearing from one of my favorite stores called Lucy. They have wonderful Activewear that really transitions from the workout, from the exercise arena and to everyday life. And what we've put Doreen in is a great Fuchsia-colored halter style top, which is a great flattering silhouette for most body types. It broadens the shoulders. The deep V helps to elongate Doreen's petite. So, it's just a great style. It's got a little bending right under the chest. So, you can feel comfortable and look great but you're not in a big boxy t-shirts. So now, what we do is we just transition-- -You look absolutely great. That doesn't even look like workout clothes. Look at that. Well, thank you Doreen. And next we have Joanna. Joanna is a Mom as well. And, you know, we're talking about post-partum clothes. But these are clothes that are absolutely ageless. I love this. -This is a great silhouette. This is one of my favorite pants that Lucy makes. It's a stretch tact, it really just holds you in and it has a sleek line. The angle on the leg-- on the bottom really helps to balance the figure. The cobalt blue tank is just another great color for her with a little rouge detail around the neck. -Look at that. That's so cute. -It's got a built-in shelf bra too, so it's very functional in the gym. Comfortable-- it's one piece, it's easy. -And it's washable, I would assume. -And it's washable, absolutely. -Now, it's holding you in-- here. But is it comfortable? Do you like it? -It's very comfortable and I can move around and do all the running out that I do every day. -All right. So, now, what are we gonna do? -This is what we're talking about when we talk about style and having great style. -Cute. Look at the pucker being around it-- it's so cute. -Isn't that great? And see again, it draws the torso in, it brings the waist in, so it's great on everybody type. This is also by Lucy. It's very functionable and fashionable. She looks terrific and it's as comfortable as the big boxy-- -That is great. -She looks really, really great. -She looks nice. -Now, Joanna is lucky enough to meet a girl friend for lunch. We've got the same yoga pant on. You would never know we pop it with a great fashion statement like the Zebra trench coat-- -And those animal prints are so in. -Oh, they're so in and they just add that great little splash, and then, we did color with a handbag. -You look great. -And look at-- it really doesn't take a lot to look your best. It's really about knowing what to look for and you don't necessarily have to spend a lot of money either. -Thanks. Thank so much Debbie for your great advice. As always, for more wardrobe advice, you can check out Debbie's website project Don't go away, I'll be right back with a light dessert that's a centerpiece in disguise. -You're watching Parents TV. E-mail us at ideas at -Welcome back. They say you have to eat a pack of dirt before you die. After seeing this, you'll actually look forward to that. This is called dirt. It's one of my favorite desserts and it substitute as a centerpiece. First, start with a new flower pot when that you've gone out and purchase just for this purpose. And I like to use the glazed flower pots because the clay ones, although they're cute, they are more absorbed so they're not quite as sanitary. Next, mix up a batch of pudding. I like to use sugar-free pudding because of the dietary needs of my family. But I'm going to add a secret ingredient once I'm done mixing it up and that's a couple of gummy worms. And Moms, don't make the same mistake that I did. Make sure that you have the same amount of gummy worms as you do to children or you're gonna have a very unhappy gummy worm fight going on. Mix it all in there. It will be a nice surprise for the kids and pour the pudding mix right into your glazed pot and it should still quite close right up to the edge. And it doesn't matter which flavor of pudding you're choosing. You're gonna layer the top with cookie crumbs. And I like to use 100-calorie thin crisps Oreo-- Oreo thin crisps because the substitution from full fat Oreos to the thin crisps saves you quite a bit of fat and calories. So there we have our dirt. We can pop it into the refrigerator until just before your company comes. And then when they come, wait before they enter into your kitchen. You're gonna stick your fake flowers that you've gone out and purchased just for this. And this pudding will have set quite a bit more. It'll be nice and firm and you can garnish with a little-- another little gummy worm or two here. I also like to get a clean trowel and scoop it out with that. Thanks for watching. Next time, you're looking for a new way to dress up an old favorite. Don't forget the dirt. If you'd like more tips on weight loss and healthy eating. Check out my website For Parents TV, I'm Kim Benson.