Easy Brunch

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-You're watching Real Moms, Real Moments on Parents TV. From the Betty Crocker Test Kitchens in Minneapolis, here's Juli Auclair. -Hi everybody. Today's Real Mom isn't afraid of taking chances. She decided to say "sayonara" to the suburbs and move the entire family to a farm. The only thing she loves more than the crisp country air is a farm fresh brunch with the whole family. -My name is Karen Dowelnick. I am a real mom and I'm here with my 13-year-old daughter, Anna and my 10-year-old daughter Reid. I was gonna dream of living in a farm and so we searched for about 11 years looking for the perfect piece of property I found online one day, drove up to it and we purchased it before walking into the house. One of the best things about living on the farm and what we did really want to incorporate into our daily life was what we grew, ended up on the table. And so, brunch ideas that incorporate eggs and vegetables really kinda bring the best of those to life. The neat thing is, we grow a lot of our own food and so this [unk] of recipe, I can use a lot of what we grow in it. All right girls, we have a great recipe to do this morning. I have missed you. We have been busy all week long and I found this online and I think it'll perfect for our family. So today we're making a Do-Ahead Breakfast Bake which is phenomenal because I had to do everything ahead of time because I'm so busy. And my girls could help me which is great because they wanna spend time with me in the kitchen. It was really easy. There is some preparation of scrambling of eggs, of dicing of ham, of dicing of the green peppers. It was more just layering the great products we have. Pouring the milk and the egg mixture on top, put a little cheese on top and stick them in the refrigerator. I love this recipe because it only takes a few simple ingredients and a few simple steps. We love that we can get it done in 10 minutes, have it sit in the refrigerator, have it done in a couple of hours and everyone loves it. Okay girls, I think it's done. -Wow. That looks amazing. -It's good. I knew it would taste good. I didn't know it looks so good. I would easily serve this to family and friends that we [unk] people stopping by the house. I could easily do this and be very proud of it. [unk] is a great way to get the family together. We are going to million different miles throughout the week and during the weekend, we really do make an effort to sit down together and share at least 1 or 2 meals. And so brunch is perfect. You guys did a great job. -Thank you. -You guys officially are the brunch makers now. -Ready to make a Do-Ahead Breakfast Bake like today's Real Mom? Visit for this recipe and more.