Diaper Rash

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-When babies are wearing diapers, they have a tendency to develop diaper rash. Diaper rash is quite common and it's even more likely to occur when babies are teething or taking antibiotics or when they start to eat solid foods. Even though you're doing an amazing job caring for your baby, you should know that diaper rash can still happen. There are steps that you can do to prevent it. First, you wanna be sure to check your baby's diaper frequently and change it whenever it appears wet or dirty. You wanna check your diaper, Helena? Okay. Then, you clean your baby's skin gently but thoroughly. And you wanna allow the diaper area to dry completely. When possible, try and leave the diaper off for a short time just to allow your baby's skin to thoroughly dry. Then, you wanna apply a diaper rash cream to help create a protective barrier against wetness and any irritants that can touch baby's skin. It is especially important at bedtime when exposure to wet diapers can last for a very long time. Now, if your baby already has diaper rash, you wanna treat the diaper area at the very first sign of any redness and then immediately clean your baby's skin gently and thoroughly. Bless you. And once the area is completely dry, apply the diaper cream to form that protective barrier to help with the healing of the rash. It's important to repeat this process with every diaper change. Any moment that your baby is uncomfortable is one moment too long. Your baby's comfort is the most important thing at any point in their development. So, follow these simple steps to help keep your baby healthy and happy during her diaper wearing years. Take care to clean your baby's skin thoroughly after each diaper change. Pay attention to get inside any folds and allow enough time for her skin to dry thoroughly before applying a diaper cream and a dry diaper. Joining me now is nationally renowned parenting expert and pediatrician, Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg. -Hi. -Thanks so much for being with us. You're also a pediatric consultant to Johnson's and she's also written a great book, great for moms and dads out there, "Good Kids, Bad Habits: The RealAge Guide to Raising Healthy Children." The idea that we start our habits young, right? -Exactly, you wanna start as soon as we can. -Well, one of the things that you worry about as a new mom and hopefully, if you get a diaper rash, you're not scarring your child forever, but it is something that we worry about. How do you prevent diaper rash among newborns? -Well, you wanna start with protect-- protecting them every single day and with every single diaper change. So, you wanna use something and then if they do have a diaper rash, obviously, you wanna treat it right away too. And the Desitin line has great products that you can use to protect and to treat as well. -Yeah, as a new mom, myself, I was very concerned about it and making sure that you're changing the diaper all the time. And that's a good thing to do, make sure you change all the time and you use a product like this with every diaper change? -Right, exactly. The clear one here has petrolatum in it,-- -Uh-huh. -which is, we know, is petroleum jelly and that does help to protect the skin and it wipes off really easily, so it's good to do with each diaper change. -Now, what if you're already seeing the diaper rash and it's red and irritated. -Right. And sometimes that happens. If a baby is sick or if they're teething, sometimes, they do get diaper rash. So, you want to use something with zinc oxide in it and the Desitin Creamy and the original have zinc oxide which makes a great protective barrier that helps protect the skin but also soothes and actually treats the diaper rash as well. -Thank you so much for being with us. -Thanks for having me.