Tennis Lessons

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-Hey, At Moms, okay time to be honest, "Do you dread, exercise, or perhaps are you bored to tears with your exercise program?" Well Marny and I think we may have found a solution to the exercise blues. Tennis anyone? -Why of course my dear, Marny would take a lesson. -This is our instructor, Corey [unk]. Corey is gonna teach us a little bit about getting started in tennis. -Okay Corey, so when we get started in playing tennis, what's the first thing you would teach? -I would teach one, your forehand and then your backhand. -Okay and what's required in tennis? -You need a tennis racket, tennis balls and you gotta have fun. -I got the fun part. -We're ready! -You're gonna take your racket back like this. First of all, you're not gonna wanna choke the racket, like we relax just a little bit and when the ball comes, you're gonna go here, you're gonna hit the ball out in the front and then you're gonna extend all the way through. -Don't hit me. -And have your elbow come up here and have your elbow point to your target. -Is that a tennis elbow? -That would be a tennis elbow when she gets a little bit better we'll call it a tennis elbow. When you feel like you're too far away, that's when I want you to swing because you're gonna hit the ball perfectly right in the center and the ball gonna shoot right over the net. -Do you wanna throw balls at us? -Right now, all you're trying to do is get the ball over the net. That's you're only goal. I could care less were it goes, just get the ball over the net, here you go. -I am sweating already. -Perfect! Strike it back, pose, pose. -Good Marn! -Here's a pose! -You know I think a lot of mommies loose their guts over exercise because it's lonely. There's no social aspect. -When you bring along a friend, a little competition, a little teammate, super fun. You get sweaty and you're gonna go home and have some refreshing drinks. -Now, you're gonna learn backhand. Backhand is a traditionally a much harder shot. You gotta turn you hips too. You have to pace that. -Oh [unk] it's a lot to remember. -Wrist stays solid right through and then you can come over. Whoa! Perfect! Now, we're gonna go over to serve. The service probably the hardest shot in all of tennis. The most important part of the serve is your toss. That is how high the toss should go. Right to the tip of the racket. If you drew a line from there to there, you're aiming right towards the wrong box. -So, your toes need to be lined up to the box you wanna hit in. -Oh, like this. -Yup. -That was a bad toss. -It was? -I know it so I didn't go. -You did it! -Nice shot. -Good job. -Okay At Moms, if you are looking for a little social interaction and competition in your exercise, try tennis. -All you need is a racket, a ball, and a good friend, and a court. -A court. -Bye at Moms. -Bye at Moms. -Thank you for watching Parents TV, Our families, Our lives.