Diapering 101

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Diapering your baby is something you're gonna be doing quite often as a parent and there's so many things to choose from, from what kind of diapers you wanna use to what kind of products you wanna use on your baby's delicate skin. Today, we're gonna talk about some tips on how to keep your baby dry and comfortable. Hi. I'm Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg, author of "Good Kids, Bad Habits: The RealAge Guide to Raising Healthy Children". What kind of diapers you use is really a personal preference for parents. There's disposal and there's the reusable type of diapers. Disposable diapers are great because they are very convenient. They're also very absorbable and they really don't leak that much so they're a great choice for parents. There's also the reusable diapers, too. And those are great because they're cotton, very soft on your baby's bottom. In addition, they're actually much cheaper to use even if you have a diaper service. They're cheaper to use and, also, they're very eco-friendly as well, too. So, it's really a personal preference. You can use both. Some parents do that. When they're home, they use the reusable ones and, if they're out, for convenience, you can use the disposable diapers. So, you can use whatever you choose. First, when you're changing your baby's diaper, really be prepared. Have everything that you need right in front of you so you don't have to leave the baby unattended. On hand, when you're changing the baby's diaper, make sure that you, obviously, have diapers. You can either have some powder or a diaper cream, one that has either vitamin A and vitamin D in it or one with zinc oxide to protect the baby's bottom is a good to have. Put the baby on a hard, smooth, clean surface. And then, when you're changing the diaper, make sure that you clean the baby well with water and cotton balls or baby wipes, too. But make sure that you clean thoroughly and get inside all the creases and folds of the baby. Then, make sure you air dry before you put the diaper on and it's often a really good idea to use diaper cream, something with zinc oxide in it. It's really worth as a protection to keep the baby dry and protect the skin from any irritants and, especially at night time, when the baby's been in a diaper for a long period of time. Well, diaper rash is really just a generic casual term for any kind of rash in the diaper area. Diaper rash is usually red and they can look irritated. Sometimes, it can be like little pimples or scaling as well. It depends on what is the cause of the diaper rash. The most common cause of diaper rash is really wetness that becomes irritating to the baby's skin or a lack of circulation of air within the diaper area and it's a great moist area for bacteria and, sometimes, yeast could grow as well. Antibiotics can also cause a diaper rash as well as, sometimes, when your child is ill, it also can cause a diaper rash. Diaper rash is a very common occurrence. Sometime in every baby's life, they're going to get a diaper rash. Again, it's just a very moist area where bacteria and yeast can live and can multiply and this can cause a diaper rash. And if the rash is getting redder or it's more persistent, you may need to ask your pediatrician or visit your pediatrician to see what other treatment may be necessary. Your baby's comfort is so important during these diapering stages. Following these tips will really help keep your baby happy and dry.